in the month of December....

.... We had some fun amongst all the business that was thrown our way. 
We visited a few new 'Christmas' places and enjoyed a lot of holiday fun. 

We included some of our typical traditions along the way. 
And I'm finally sitting down with time to post about them. 
What's that saying? "Better late than never!" - it very much applies here. 

First stop, Clam Lights Festival! 
this park is down by our Target shopping center, called Coulon Beach Park. 
We went here a lot in the summer time, to swim and picnic and 
it was fun to come and see the beach park all decorated for Christmas!

a cool picture Jason accidentally took, as he moved the camera. 

we ended the night with dinner/dessert at Red Robin. 
its a great way to end any evening :) 

I was gone in California two weekends in a row and while I was there, 
Jason took care of the kids here. 
They did lots of fun stuff with Daddy.

the girls made pancakes with him.... 

{Ethan took those two pictures.}

and Ethan and Rachel built their gingerbread house with him. 

Ethan told me they had so much fun, that sometimes he forgot he missed me. 
Its pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear. 

Jason took some pictures for me while I was gone. 
It was odd to leave sunny {but cold} Washington, for foggy, dreary, overcast
California. I guess we all have our damper, darker weather days.  
As I mentioned to my friend, thankfully I like both :) 

7 {comments}:

Melissa Joy said...

I love the fun things you guys do! I've got to copy-cat some of them. :)

Jessica said...

Those Christmas lights are pretty dang amazing. and how fun to have all the kids in their snow gear to keep warm!! i think Jason's artist picture turned out better than mine. :)

Sounds like the kids had some super great quality time with Papa too!!

Stef said...

Feel free, Melissa! We always steal great ideas from other families :)

Erin said...

We have yet to take our kids to a crazy light display. Hopefully we will soon. This one looks so cool!

We just drove the neighborhoods, looking for cool lights. :)

Carrie said...

Oh, I love the big clams all lit up! So cute!

Merry Christmas, Stef!

Gina said...

Ypu guys found some great light displays! and it looks like Jason had a grand time & did a great job when you were gone--kudos to Jas! :-)

Carrie said...

Oh, I love the big clams all lit up! So cute!

Merry Christmas, Stef!


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