Its Christmas Day...

The kitchen smelled of baked cinnamon rolls and orange juice, with fruit salad. 
The famous breakfast casserole smells up the entire house... 
making its way upstairs and luring people out of beds. 

You could hear 7 pairs of little feet running into rooms, announcing, 
"today is Christmas! today is Christmas!" 
stockings were opened. 
new things were ooo'd and awwww'd over. 
the food was eaten. 
the big gifts were opened. 
the screams of delight always make me feel like I'm 10 again. 
Although this year, I very much felt like one of the older people in the room. 
I felt like I was actually living what I remember seeing my parents live, not that long ago. 
Actually getting more enjoyment out of seeing the kids open their presents. 
Getting thrilled over one small box filled with something special, all the while
knowing the real gift is the gift giver, my hubby. 
I loved watching my nieces sit and pretend with their new toys. 
To see Rachel's eyes go completely wild when she saw new pens and craft supplies. 
To hear Ethan yell out "my FIRST camera!!!" when he opened his gift. 
To see my nephews even getting more of a thrill watching Kara experience Christmas, 
than opening their own gifts. I had to remind my nephew Sam a few times, 
"don't forget your presents."

Oh and then there's the tears. The 2 year old, finally realizing these are her gifts,
panicking that everyone within 10 feet from her is trying to take them away. 
Realizing that even though the reason we celebrate this day is to be thankful for 
God's Son - you still have 5 year old boys who cry out 
"it seems like we didn't get many presents at all!" :( 

the sugar crashes from the cinnamon rolls
 early naps
 watching brand new movies
loading up the car and driving to our friend's house for 
Christmas celebration, round two. 
coming home late, in the dark cold night, slipping 7 very tired 
kids away in their beds. 
sitting with my husband and sister, looking at the aftermath, but too sleepy to care. 
finding energy to clean it all up, sitting down to a good movie {Inception}
and letting the night slip away into a new day.

Its Christmas Day... and it was crazy & delightful.

..... click on 'keep reading' to see the pictures :) 

Rachel, with her cousin Emma

my Nephews, Sam & Joe

Emma & Rachel are only 6 months apart in age...
and very much act like twin sisters :)

my Niece, Kaitlyn

Ethan was completely thrilled about Christmas :)

we're goofy and use the website for background music.

orange glaze cinnamon rolls.
num, num.

she got lots of Curious George gifts and was quite pleased with them.

my gift to my Love.

gifts from my parents.

a night, night George book from Nana

she already loves the book, Nana :)

this is gonna get lots of good use.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

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Gina said...

Merry Christmas to you all! Love the description and the photos of your holiday. Isn't it a wonder how we begin to experience the holidays as we age? It's pretty neat. :-)

Shane said...


Nicola S. said...

Merry Christmas Stef! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us all. Thank you also for your Christmas card and letter. Happy 2011 and may God truly bless you all this coming year.

Jessica said...

Awwww, look at all those happy happy smiles!! What fun gifts! Ezra got a book that my Grandpa {who lives in GA} recorded for him too. Such a sweet idea! I love it.

Merry Christmas to one of the most wonderful families I'm blessed to know!!

Melissa Joy said...

What fun celebrations! I know this just a little glimpse into it, but man it looked merry. :)
And just so you know, Gabriel is sitting here with his new Fisher Price camera taking pictures of me looking at your blog (looking at pictures of Ethan with his new camera). Love it.

Stef said...

Melissa, that is SO cute. I love it.

matthew said...

very nice.

jillyco said...

Love your narrative of Christmas Day. :)

Stef said...

thank you!

Gina said...

Merry Christmas to you all! Love the description and the photos of your holiday. Isn't it a wonder how we begin to experience the holidays as we age? It's pretty neat. :-)


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