I heart these...

My sister took these pictures when she was at the park with the kids. 
I loved these two in-particular. 
The little cousin, looking up to the big cousin. 
Wishing that he could shoot hoops just like him. 


And I have a feeling, that day will come sooner than I'd like to admit. 
I'm sure its never been real clear, so I think I should say...  ;-) 
I love this boy.
We have daily struggles, yes. 
But I think he's pretty top notch. 
I'm so proud of his great job in his first year of "real school"{as he calls it}
I love the way he loves his sisters. 
I love the ways he takes after his Daddy. 
I love the tender affection he shows to me, especially when I'm sick. 
He's our only boy, so I'm sure he gets made a bigger deal of than he maybe should. 
And... I can't believe he's turning 6 next month. Craziness. 
Enjoy it ladies. Don't blink for too long or it passes by w/out you knowing it. 

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Mrs. Stam said...

I love that picture too, and you post that came along with it :-)

Looking up to being a grown up is a beautiful thing to witness

Gina said...

Great picture of the boys! :-)

Jane said...

I LOVE those 2 boys <3

Erin said...

What a fabulous photo! Beautiful.
That is really amazing that Ethan is almost 6. How did life go so quickly?!

Charlotte said...

This is so, so true. The next thing you know it, he will be making those baskets, will sound like he has a permanent head cold and will tower over you. I am already there. :-)

GREAT photo too, Stef.

Nicola S. said...

Oh Stef! I love the pictures. What a special boy you have. Thank you for reminding me not to blink!!;) I can't believe in only a month my little Audrey will be 3! Time is going by to quickly.


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