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I'm in the process of decorating and adding to our master bedroom 
and I have a question to ask you ladies. 
Don't worry about your answer - this isn't a 
"will you side with me or Jason" 
because we both have very little opinion and just aren't sure. 
We have pale yellow walls in our bedroom, a wall full of windows 
with a gorgeous view and because we get so much light and color 
from outside, we've gone with mostly black & white pictures for the walls. 
I've added bright colored frames and little knick knacks here and there. 
My question is, would you do a wall full of pictures of your kids? 
Or keep children out of the master bedroom? 
And not because we want to get away from them or forget they exist.... 
but would you keep it completely kid free in the decor and make it more
romantic and "get away from it all" feeling? 
I keep thinking one wall area with pics of the kids would be cute. 
But then I think maybe it should be the one room in the house with 
pictures of just the two of us, some wedding memorabilia, and stuff we like, 
just the two of us. 

What do YOU think? 

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Erin said...

Funny you should ask that question. The master bedroom is the place we have our wall of children. It is sweet for us, to look up & see all our babies & memories there. That wall is all b & w photos in back frames. We also have wedding photos in our room. It's were all our "personal" wall hangings are, I guess. I think it is pretty romantic. :)

Jessica said...

That is such a great question because I have never actually thought about it. So subconsciously..I guess, I do not have any pictures of E in our bedroom. The only pics that are hanging {B&W too} are from our wedding. That being said, I'm still working on getting our family pics up around the house..like over the fireplace and in his room. I haven't really gotten to our room yet...

I don't think it's bad to put pics up of them. In fact, I think it would be just fine to do your kid wall. It's just one wall...not like you're dedicating the whole room to it. And by doing B&W it still keeps in formal-ish...

I want to see a master bedroom reveal!! I've always loved the color combo of yellow, white, & shades of gray! What are your accent colors to the yellow?

Holly D. said...

Okay, so I'll be brave and tell you what Ryan and I think. We like to keep the pictures of just the two of us in our bedroom. We don't hang any of our families or children. Our bedroom is our refuge from the world and all the pressures there in.
I do, however, have pictures of the kids and family in almost every other room in the house.

Stef said...

these are great so far - thanks! Right now we have framed pictures of each of our kids as newborns. I like those a lot. But I know I would enjoy them just as much right outside the bedroom in our loft area (that needs decorating itself, now that I think of it).
Holly, I think we lean more toward what you and Ryan have done, but honestly we see either idea as being fun.

Jess, right now I'm playing with some bright red, some almost turquoise blues and some purple. Crazy bright, fun colors and only used sparingly. I don't want to over do it, but I want them to pop :)

Emily said...

We have gone the route of no kiddo pics in our room. Our master bedroom decor is super simple--favorite photos of us, my framed wedding bouquet, my mom's prayer quilt, and a shelf of books on marriage and intimacy. It is our haven, a place to focus just on us. Our wall of kid and family photos is in the living room where I enjoy it every day.

Charlotte said...

This is something I had never thought about. Right now we don't have any photos of the kids in our room; only a few of the two of us. But I have tons of photos of the kids and our family throughout the house....maybe subconsciously I have done that in order to create a space just for the two of us. I do like what Holly said and feel that is along the same lines of how I feel too.

Gina said...

For us, the bedroom is our space. We have photos of us on the dressers and walls. The only touch of kid we have in the room is Jouhn's "daddy shrine"--John's handprints with the kids & his daddy newborn collages--they are very special to him. Mostly the decor is a space for us. The kid stuff is everywhere else. :-) Nice to have one "adult" space. :-) Looking forward to having a peak at what you settle on. Have fun!

Stef said...

all your comments were super fun to read! Thank you.
After reading through them AND realizing how many "kids" and family pictures we have in every other room in the house, I think ours is going to be our little retreat, for just the two of us.

I'll post pictures when I'm done, but its gonna be a slow process... we're talking, not until April :)

Ludicrous Mama said...

I don't have any pics of my daughter in our room, but that's through sheer laziness. I don't have ANY prints of pictures of her, other than on Santa's lap or from preschool's class pictures!
But since she still sleeps in our room, making it a refuge without pics of her is moot at this point! But I would probably do the same. Plaster the rest of the house with her, and make our room for us... once it's just ours again!

Nicola S. said...

Hey Stef, I would lean with Holly on this one. We only have romantic pictures in our room. Pictures of us with engagement, wedding, honeymoon etc... But I have pictures of the girls and family everywhere but our.

Nicola S. said...

Hey Stef, I would lean with Holly on this one. We only have romantic pictures in our room. Pictures of us with engagement, wedding, honeymoon etc... But I have pictures of the girls and family everywhere but our.


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