who calls it the boob tube?

Because our kids call it the Active tube! 
during our New Year's Eve party we played Just Dance on the wii. 
Our friends brought the game over, because we don't own it... yet. 
The kids LOVED the game. Ever since then, they make up all sorts of 
dances and they try to copy each other, memorize the dances and make new ones to teach Kara. 
This morning I heard them all laughing and came in the family room to see what was 
so funny. They had recorded Super Why and were watching the pre-show, 
where the characters teach a little copy cat dance for the viewers to do. 

they were so into it. 
And what made me laugh the hardest? 
They were only interested in doing this work out/dance a few times. 
Then when the show started, they turned off the TV. 

Oh, also, I have to point out- the adorable knit sweater Rachel is wearing was
a Christmas gift made by my Father-in-Law's Aunt Betty. 
Is she talented or what?! I love it. 

I also noticed when I was uploading these pictures... Rachel left her jammie shorts 
on when she got dressed this morning. I see them peeking out :) 

Kara mostly just watched E&R's feet the whole time, trying to figure out where to jump in. 

at the end they took a bow for me. 

3 {comments}:

Dad Loves Jesus said...

Cute :-)

Jessica said...

William calls it the boob tube. ;) And that's so awesome that the sweater was handmade!!! Love it.

Dad Loves Jesus said...

Cute :-)


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