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Kara suddenly became quite sick on Monday night. She was fine one minute, then croupy cough, stuffed nose and running a fever the next minute. It was weird and I can't recall ever having this happen with our other kids. Tuesday she was OK, but then by Wednesday night she was horrible. It took a turn for the worst, with a fever all night long, peaking at 103.5! I was up with her most of the night, which is hard, but kind of 'fun' at the same time. See, I'm one of those weird Mama's who actually loves the middle-of-the-night feedings. And they don't usually wear me out, as long as baby sleeps a good 3 hours in between feedings. It gets harder when they're waking up every hour and half, like Kara did until she was 6 months old :( 

We went to the Dr's office on Thursday morning. Ethan and Rachel love going when the appt. isn't for them. They're always afraid the Dr. will sneak shots in their arms when they're not looking. So when I told them the the appointment was for Kara, they were jumping up and down with excitement, all excited to go. They like watching a bit of a movie in the waiting room, they like drawing on the chalkboard in the room where we're seen by the Dr. and they love that our Dr. lets them 'help' him look in Kara's ears, nose, eyes and down her throat. He told Ethan he was doing a great job helping and so now Ethan has decided his future profession will be in the medical field - fine by me! :)
I mainly wanted them to do a swab on Kara to make sure she doesn't have THE flu. Thankfully she doesn't. He said its just a regular virus and needs to run its course. She's been drinking lots of warmed honey water and sucking on zinc drops, hoping to get this cold out of her quickly.

As much as I hate when any of my kids are sick, I will confess to loving the cuddle time. I love that she comes and lays with us in the middle of the night, she climbs up on my lap and watches her Baby Einstein all wrapped up with her pink silky blanket. The other night we watched a few of them at 3am... waiting for her fever to let up. It was pretty fun, especially since Kara understood it was the middle of the night and felt so special to be the only one up with me.
Lately she has been saying things like "Mommy, I'not a baby, make me a big girl" - when I try to carry her everywhere. So last night she said "Mommy, I'n gonna be a baby for just today." And that was fine with me. I imagine when she's a teenager she probably won't be cuddling up with me in the middle of the night and that's perfectly fine too ;-)
I'll just soak up as much as I can of this now.

we used up two of these oats containers and Ethan and I decided we'd turn them 
into lego holders, for when we're on the go. 
We're going to cover them with fabric and then he'll be able to take lots of legos when 
we go on vacations and long car trips. 

The sun suddenly went away too :( and we've been greeted with a bit of a gloomy, rainy storm. So in honor of the storm and Kara not feeling well, we're watching movies {Pollyanna is our favorite 'sick' movie}, reading tons of books, of course I baked some cookies - those always help us heal up quicker, and making yummy soups that will feel good going down Kara's sore throat.

these photos were all taken on Tuesday night, before her cold got awfully yucky. 

We have a big birthday party/Super Bowl party planned for Sunday afternoon, which we're still hoping is able to happen. However, I've been taking today to teach Ethan about life and plans. Understanding that neither go our way or as planned all the time. We have to hold onto our daily plans very loosely, understanding that sometimes, life happens. He's been having a really good attitude about it, which is nice. I told him even if his friends can't come over, we'll do a park play date or something with them, as soon as Kara is better.

**also, as a super random side note, six years ago today {this very hour} my labor with Ethan began! 

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Dad Loves Jesus said...

I love random facts.

Stef said...

me too! thanks :)

Nicola S. said...

Stef, we hope and pray the Kara is doing much better today. I love the last picture of her as well as the one of just her feet. Love it.

Gina said...

Hope Kara feels better, and that Ethan still gets to celebrate as planned. :-)

Charlotte said...

Hope they are all on the mend now! And I too am one of the few who loves middle of the night awakenings. Now that my youngest is 5, I don't have too many of them. :-(

Stef said...

Kara is feeling a little better {though coughing A LOT at night} but now E&R have begun coughing, sniffling, laying around saying their head hurts :(
Poor kids. I just need to stay healthy now, so I can take care of them all :)


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