its the moments only we understand...

they wake up all nice and cuddly; rosy cheeks, with cute "good morning, Mommy!" voices. 
We enjoy cuddle time in bed, talking about our dreams we had in the night. 
Ethan's are becoming very interesting, the older he gets. 
Rachel's are always about a monster trying to get her, but Daddy saves her. 
Kara's always have Tinker Bell and Hello Kitty in them. 
Oh, and Curious George
moments later, they're "starving"- sure to die soon if food isn't made for them. 
Pancakes cure a starving body.
If you add chocolate chips, its miracle food. 
turkey bacon makes them strong. 
so do smoothies, apparently. 
especially if you add whipped cream. 
they laugh and giggle at the breakfast table,
with one {at least} of them often spilling their drink. 
I almost feel bad telling them to settle down, because it sounds like bliss. 
moments later.....
 the bliss turns to screams, shouts, sobs and blame. 
what felt like perfect loving order quickly turns into chaos. 
I feel more like a referee in these moments than a Mommy. 
Trying to solve something I didn't really see, trying to restore sibling love
trying to show them God's love - but often failing, because in chaos, Mommy 
often loses her head.
Stubbornness sets in, accusations are made, frowning faces confront me. 
This is where the real task of keeping a calm, wise spirit is necessary... 
and this is usually where I'm frantically asking God for these graces, 
over and over and over in my head. 
{I say it like a mantra as I walk to the scene of the crime.}
Just as I think we're not making any progress and I'm running out of helpful 
things to say to get to their little hearts and teach them what is important... 

 "I'm sorry's" are expressed, forgiveness is given and peace is again present. 
That scenario happens multiple times a day, just in different places and with 
different siblings. Its like they take turns, just to keep me on my feet. 

I think its funny how as moms with young kids, we often fool ourselves into thinking 
its only our kids that do these things. 
Kind of like how first time parents think every milestone is amazingly faster, better and 
far more perfect to their specific child. {at least we did.}
I love when I hang out with my friends and I start retelling a story like this and they 
all laugh, slap their leg and say "Yes! my kids do that all the time!" 
I love those types of ladies. The ones you really connect with, because you're all in 
the same time of life. You all understand exactly why a shower was never taken. 
why there is dried snot on your shoulder. 
why the Pediatrician's number is on the fridge. 
why the camera is always within arm's reach. 
why you can't find your bra and actually haven't seen it all day. 
why you have post-it-notes with verses and encouraging sayings posted on 
surfaces you come into contact with quite often. 
why the piles of clothes on your couch are starting to look like home decor, 
rather than a chore that's getting neglected. 
why you get all excited when you get to say something other than 
"No, no, listen to Mommy and do as I say, please." 
When you get super excited at hearing your actual name :-) 
when hearing something other than the word "why?" is thrilling to you. 
{you all know this list could go on and on and on.....}

I love being in this phase of life. This phase of new. 
Discovering life through their eyes every single day. 
I love that my time and energy is going into making them go from 
little people, to older, educated, independent, happy, healthy big people. 
Even though there are monotonous moments in each day and some days feel 
far too repetitive and stagnent... each day is a new blessing. 
Each moment is a new moment.
What's that line from Anne of Green Gables? 
"every day is a new day, with no mistakes in it."  
Is that how it goes? I'd hate to misquote Anne. 
Either way, you get the gist. 

I hope your day is beautiful today. 
Enjoy the moments, even the rough ones. 
Smile when you make it through another referee moment. 
Give hugs and kisses often

I wrote that more for me than I did for you. 
I need the fresh reminder every day ;-) 

God bless you, Mommies! 
and... Happy Valentines Day!!

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Emily said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I love this post.

Nini said...

This is LOVELY Stef! Thanks for sharing!

Ludicrous Mama said...

Ha! My husband said to our daughter Zoe yesterday "I love my Zoe and Kendra" and for a second there, I was like "Who?" Oh right. That's MY name!

Gina said...

Thank you for the reminder, I really needed it right now--feeling deep in the trenches of mommyhood. I swear--you are such a better mommy than me! I loose my cool far too often...I miss the simpler times when there weren't so many demands & time constraints. It's the "must do" that take the joy out of my moments with the kids...

Charlotte said...

This was beautifully written, Stef. And so true! Sometimes I feel like I am the only mom who is peeling another child off their sibling for the third time that morning. But then there is forgiveness and peace. And there are friends who understand and remind me I am not the only one. Thanks so much for this reminder that this job is such a privilege. And hugs make things better. And that God gives grace.

Erin said...

Thanks Stef! This is so true for all of us. Sweet peace one instant than angry chaos the next. Ah!!!
It's all part of the beautiful, real life. :)

jillyco said...

Well said, my friend. I read your post with a smile, because I SO remember those days when my kids were little. Now I'm in another stage (the land of teenagers and preteens) which has a whole different set of 'moments' but God gives us grace as we need it.

And I have always thought you have such a way of crafting words into something special. When are you going to write that book?? ;-)

Love you!

Michelle said...

thank you for posting this! I really needed to hear this today. I am normal. Thank you again for these sweet words!

Stef said...

you're all very welcome! I find that I blog more from my heart and practical when its late at night and the house is calm and quiet. When I can hear myself think, ya know?!

Love you all!

Krista said...

I love this post Stef, thanks.


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