oh for goodness sake!

Every so often I run across something online that just catches my eye. 
It doesn't happen very often {mostly because the time to 'browse' online is quite limited} 
but when it does, it makes me very happy. 
The other day I found this website and I'm loving it! 
I keep going back for new inspiration and fun baking ideas. 
What really caught my attention though? 


Is that the best cupcake wrapper you've ever seen?! I loved it. 
And if you look here there are SO many more to chose from! 
Holiday specific and everything. 
I have a thing for cupcakes, so you can see why this thrilled me ;-) 
I just had to share.

This fun find isn't food, but it sure is cute!

Aren't those cute bag clips?! I thought they were quite overpriced, but
made for a super cute idea.
I found them here.

If you're a music-around-the-house person {like I am}
you might love these....

I found them here

2 {comments}:

mrs.macewen said...

i adore those cupcake wrappers and the speakers! so fun!

love you stef!

Nicola S. said...

Stef, I love the cupcake wrappers. Thank you for posting. Super adorable.


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