things I loved today...

getting to sleep in until 9:30 am 
funky music on while I cleaned my room. 
God's mercies. Because they're new and amazing each morning! 
nice, long emails from friends. 

a trip to Seattle with my kiddos. 
the beautiful {and I mean gorgeous-o} sunshiny weather we've been having lately. 
the hope of light snow fall in the future weather forecast!! 

meeting up with a good friend in Seattle; enjoying time with her and her baby
yummy lunch at a new crepe place. Divine crepes. 
the most delicious mocha, ever. 

finding shoes for Ethan at Stride-Rite for under $15!! Huge WIN.
 remembering why I love the store Pumpkin Patch...
found a awesome down winter coat for Kara {regular price: $46.50}
{sale price: $8.50}

ice cream cones. 
getting presents in the mail from family back home. 
a hubby who doesn't mind dinner being cooked at 7:30 at night.

fun fact about this picture on the right:
when we visited Seattle 5 years ago, the building on the far left
was just being built! Kind of cool to see it all finished :) 

skype'ing with the family <3
kids Bathtime & Bedtime
working out. 
time alone with my Love

Everyone in our house is healthy {um... yay!} 
so we will be going to church tomorrow after missing 2 weeks.
 we're looking forward to seeing our friends & Worshipping God with them. 

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday and a great week! 

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Michelle said...

I just loved this post :) And love all the great pictures! Glad to know you're all feeling better! We're all sick over here, not fun! Hope you have a great weekend with your family! They are adorable!


Gina said...

This post paints a great picture of a good and light hearted day. Great sales scores! :-)

Erin said...

Lovely day! I love it!
I gotta know - did all your kids sleep until 9:30, or was Jason home?
9:30 sounds dreamy. :)

Stef said...

haha! we all slept in until 9:30, except Jason ;-)
His days Tuesday-Saturday start at 7am, but our kids think 7am is equal to 3am. I'm not sure any of them have been up that early, since being tiny newborns. For Ethan, maybe never. They all sleep in past 8am every morning. Do you all want to hit me now? :-p

Stef said...

and no, they don't go to bed late. Its the famous question we gets asked when people hear they sleep in. "do you put them to bed at 11pm?!" They go to bed around 8pm every night.


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