fun with flour

These pictures are a few weeks old. I took them, put the camera away and forgot about them.
I was looking through the camera last night and came across these and realized I never did post them!
This was on a day that we did lots of baking. The girls helped me quite a bit; measuring, stirring and licking spatulas. Then I remembered something I saw on my friends website... she put some flour on baking sheets and then let her kids trace letters and numbers in the flour, with their fingers. Isn't that a fun idea?! I thought it was and so did the girls. They had a ton of fun! Kara shocked us with drawing A,B,C and D really well on her own AND saying them out loud as she traced them. Go Kara!

Rachel was so excited to get to make a big flour mess in the kitchen. 
I'm learning to lighten up with messes. They can be cleaned up, mostly. 
Some of Kara's messes have left behind evidence that can't be cleaned. 

Ethan thought the whole thing was ridiculous. He kept coming in the kitchen and asking
the girls if they were having fun. Then he'd ask Rachel "do you want to wash your hands now?" 
Remember Ethan is our child that hates finger paints. 
"They get goop all over your fingers and can stain your clothes." - that's what he says. 
He loves the invention of glue sticks - no fuss, no mess!

Rachel traces the best R's. I've always been impressed with how well she writes them.
Although the other day it occurred to me, she is soon going to handwrite better than I do. 
She's very good with straight, nice, well formed letters. 

Kara of course had to get the flour all over the place. 
I let them throw it around the kitchen a bit. They were singing that it was raining flour and 
laughing so hard. I told Kara this is what her hair will look like when she's older ;-) 

please tell me when they got so big?! Rachel no longer fits into 5T clothing and 
Kara has officially grown out of 2T. I keep asking time to slow down, but apparently it 
listens to God more than me ;-) 
I'm loving how these two are becoming the best of friends. 
I love to hear them play pretend. 
I love the way Rachel is such a good example to Kara. 
She shares very well, without even having to be told. 
Her goal is to make sure her sister is happy and having fun. 
I'm trying to point that out to Kara, so she learns as well.
I don't want Kara to just take-take-take and never learn. 
I love that they play bunk-bed games just like me and my sister did. 
I love that Rachel says "when we're married we'll make sure to live next door to each other." 
My sister and I always had the same plans. 

oh. I keep candles in coffee cups. Is that weird? 
A friend who was over the other day told me it was. 
And this cup is quite special to me... you can probably understand why :) 

and here's what our laundry room looks like after Rachel has been throwing up and
Mommy gets way behind. I finally have this under control and it looks sane again. 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

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Nini said...

So sorry your girly was sick! I LOVE that they love each other so much! I also really like the picture of the two of them from behind...so sweet! You are a great mom Stef!

Liz said...

Such a sweet idea! My girls love to bake too. They would have fun writing in flour! I didn't have a sister growing up, but I love watching my girls together too. It is a very special relationship :) They are awesome blessings!

Jessica said...

wow! I am impressed! That is how my laundry room (ok, my whole house...if I am honest) looked when I got home from work last night! :) Miss you!

Gina said...

I don't think candles in cups is weird, actually, I think it's a great idea--they are contained and easily moved. :-)

your laundry room looks like it has a really nice set up. I miss having a laundry room vs. a laundry hall. :-)

Stef said...

Thanks Nini :) Rachel is all better and so far, no one else got sick.

liz, your girls are SO cute together! I got to watch them interact a few weeks ago at Community Group and it was priceless.

Jessi, I miss you too!! I keep having to hold myself back from strong urges to meet up with you at Vasona park.
I'm glad we have those memories.

Gina, I like that having them in a tall cup, keeps them from spilling over - that was my thought process anyway :)

Jane said...

Cute pics of the girls! You can do the same thing with shaving cream and have them write and draw in it-we do it in our class and the kids love it! Just buy a cheap unscented brand and it comes right out of clothes!
Tell the kids Nana kisses are coming their way soon!
<3 you all--mom

Stef said...

Yes! We played with shaving cream last summer and the girls loved it! I bought some when I saw it on sale at Target, so I'm gonna use your idea and tell them to draw letters and for Rachel to try writing words.

Shane Eckert said...

Nice photos! I always enjoy your photos. Fun stuff.

Ludicrous Mama said...

Great idea with the flour letters! I've seen something similar with a thin layer of Elmers or starch and water (with or without food coloring) sealed in a Ziplock (and taped shut for good measure!) on a flat surface. The pressure of their fingers (or blunt styluses, if they want to practice as if they were using pencils) smoosh the mixture away, leaving the table surface showing through. Then they can just smooth it back out to do again. Lasts a few weeks, if you keep them in the fridge, as I recall.

And I'm totally with Ethan. I hate goop on my fingers. I hate laundry soap, dish soap, lotion, juice... anything. Even after I've wiped it off, I can still FEEL where it was, like a ghost limb... only mine's a ghost goop!

Jessica said...

Aw, such sweet pictures! I love the flour spelling idea & the candle idea!! I have a few cups that I would just love to have out all the time!!

Madi said...

love the candle in the coffee cup, and to Em ;) ;)...I want that coffee cup too!!

Stef said...

Trish bought it for me 2 Christmases ago :)

Stef said...

Trish bought it for me 2 Christmases ago :)

Jessica said...

wow! I am impressed! That is how my laundry room (ok, my whole house...if I am honest) looked when I got home from work last night! :) Miss you!


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