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Do you like Mondays

I haven't always. I used to dread them. Sundays haven't always been refreshing, restful days for us though. Ever since they truly became a day of rest and gladness, Mondays have been one of my favorite days of the week. I love that its a new, clean slate. I love planning out our week on Sunday night and getting things in order. I love waking up Monday morning with rested children and clean home, feeling like the new week is fresh and waiting for us to tackle it. 

This is Jason's first Monday back to work. For the past 18 months he has worked a Tuesday-Saturday shift, with Sunday/Monday off. But last week he was told they were switching him back to a "normal" shift. I was bummed, but with all things in life, we'll adjust. I liked him having Mondays off because anytime we went anywhere, the crowds of people didn't show up. However, having Mondays off meant that if often became errand day and we didn't end up going out and doing as many fun family outings. We often have Dr's appointments, grocery trips, etc... not a terribly fun 'day off' :) 

What do Mondays usually look like for you? Is it hard to get back into routine? I know it can be when we've had a go-go-go weekend. Sometimes Ethan has a hard time pulling himself to the table for school and sometimes I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed ;-) but for the most part, they're usually good days for us, that go by way too fast. Our kids seem to like the weekly routine, so they even seem happier on Mondays. They know what to expect and typically how things will flow. 
Either way, I hope all of you have a very blessed Monday and a great week! 

Psalm 118:24 "This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!" 

come floods of rain or intense heat - God made each one. 
I have to remind myself of that quite often ;-) 

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Krista said...

Monday's are my crazy day, with 5+ hours of tutoring! But, I kind of like it that way, putting my busiest day as the first day of the week. It makes me clean up the house before bed on Sunday night, and start out organized. So, I actually don't mind Mondays most of the time. :)

Nicola S. said...

Mondays are normally a catch up day as well as a regroup day for the girls. Sunday really wacks them out, so it's dealing with attitudes all day.

Jessica said...

William totally did the Sun/Mon weekend with BT & we loved it for the exact reasons!!! It was nice to be slightly off from the norm & enjoy those benefits.

i still like Mondays too. I usually have the most motivation for cleaning & getting our week started. I typically start all the chores on Monday, but lately I've been trying to get the ball rolling on Sunday night too--although the cleaning definitely waits until Monday. ;)

I use to hate hate hate Mondays with a passion when I went out of the home to work, but now that I'm home I really enjoy them!!

Stef said...

Krista, your Mondays start with full force!! Good for you. I bet that gets you in action for your week.

Cola, I deal with this too sometimes - I often wonder if its because all weekend they have Mommy AND Daddy with them and then Monday its just back to Mommy :)

Erin said...

I don't dislike Mondays, either. I like the clean slate feelign of it.


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