Easter '11

Our day was wonderful. 
Our time of Worship was awesome. 
The time spent with our friends, amazingly fun. 
We got home late tonight worn out in a good way, thankful for a great weekend!
our church campus(es) met at Qwest Field in Seattle this morning. 
There was a total of around 17,500 people and my favorite part, aside from the sermon, 
was singing "Come Thou Fount, Nothing But the Blood and All My Tears with 
that many voices singing praises to God. It was a beautiful sight and sound. 

Ethan was excited that they were handing out free Bibles at the door. 
He said its his first "big boy" Bible he's ever had :) 

I love how her nose turned red from the cold :) 
We brought a jacket for her, but she insisted she was warm. 

hunting eggs... 

 we hid a bunch of easy ones for Kara and she ended up finding all the hard ones :) 

Ferguson & Arnold kids: 
Rachel, Kara, Cambria, Ethan, Payton, Ian and Owen

the parents {picture taken by Ethan}

egg hunt? who cares. just keep me fed :) 

when people tell me I don't act my age... it doesn't usually surprise me. 
I can't actually remember what was so funny to me here....

and when eggs were hunted and too much candy was eaten... 
second dinner was had 
 a movie was watched
the wii was played 
toys were enjoyed 
adults got to chat & play some games 
dessert was eaten {yum}
and we stayed much later than we said we were going to. 
I like when that happens - it means a lot of fun is happening. 

Mexican Train! 

no, he's not posing. 
I like to snap when no one knows it :)

Rachel took this of me {with my cell} and asked me,
"please put it on your book on the computer" =  my website 

 I tried to sneak him home... but his Mama noticed :)

2 {comments}:

Gina said...

Looks like fun! Happy Easter Arnolds! :-)

Jessica said...

Hooray for an awesome Easter!!! Please tell me you are saving all those adorable and fashionable girls clothes??!?! Maybe I'll get to inherit them one day. {wink, wink} :)


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