if you see my brain, will you pass it back to me?

I found myself coming to my own website today, many times, to read my own post and look through my own pictures. It was a way I kept myself sane.... "remember how wonderful yesterday was? Remember how you told yourself many times too much candy in one day is okay? Remember how you told yourself dragging the kids out of the house at 8:45am and not coming home until 10pm was a fine idea? Remember how you thought YOU could handle it all just fine. Yeah... guess again woman! You were dead wrong. And you're 31 years old, time to wake up to reality and use your brain."

I had to keep coming back and looking at the post I did last night, trying to bring back all those gushy, sentimental, "oh, how I love Easter!" feelings. Because today, I'm cursing Easter. Not Jesus' resurrection, but the stupidity we allowed it to become. The candy, the sugar, the chocolate that I'm still finding all over my house, the craziness that we called Easter. Jason and I decided next year we go back to being that boring family that does just the resurrection egg hunt, very little sugar and just enjoys celebrating Christ's resurrection. You know, what its really all about anyway? Yes. It sounds lovely.

In the meantime, I hope you're all sane tonight. Jason is off at volley ball practice and I'm "praying without ceasing" that I make it through tonight without losing my "nice Mommy" ribbon by tomorrow morning.

This is what I've had running through my head like a mantra, all day... 
This is your fault. You're the adult. You allowed this chaos to happen. You welcomed it with smiles and fun and open arms. You have to deal with it. So go deal... and remember to shine Jesus to your three kids, so they don't think its okay to flip your lid all because sugar crashes make you go insane. And next time you go on and on to them about self control and making wise decisions, repeat your speech to yourself before you move on. Then give thanks to God for forgiveness and new beginnings, with fresh starts to each day.

The End. 

ps. prayers are already being answered as this long day winds down. 
After the girls flooded the bathroom took a bath, brushed teeth, pj's on and prayers were prayed, 
I put Kara in her bed and put Rachel with some books in my bed. 
About 10 minutes late I hear giggling and squeals and headed up to what I thought would be more chaos. But instead, found this sweetness in action. 
Ahhh... tomorrow comes with hope :)  

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Carson said...

A favorite high school teacher had this posted on his bulletin board,"I am lost. I have gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait."

Charlotte said...

One of the reasons why we don't do the whole Easter candy thing. Although I will probably buy a discounted bag later this week for us all to share.

I cling to this verse many days...

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord." ~Ps. 31:24

And that is a hilarious quote, Carson!

Drea said...

That is THE COOELST PLAYGROUND EVER!! im so jealous


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