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You know that song in Sound of Music, Favorite Things? I love it. Always have. 
I actually like the movie a lot too. One of the only musicals I really enjoy. 
I saw a random blog the other day where the author posted a list of her favorite things 
and I thought "what a fun idea! A nice positive blog post. Sounds good." 
She had 50 things listed... for some reason that sounds overwhelming to me right now. 
I'm gonna aim for 10 and see how it goes. 
I've also seen posts where the author writes funny, random facts about themselves and 
thought that sounded fun too. So I'll try for 10 of those as well. 
I'm at home, pretty much stuck in bed not feeling well, still trying to process and deal with 
what's been going in our lives this past week. I think taking my brain in a another direction
will be helpful to me right now, before the worst gets worse :( 
{I understand that's not possible, but right now I can't imagine anything worse than what 
already feels horrible. But I know its coming}. 

I do think it would be fun if some of you would post one of your own, 
but I won't be annoying and tag any of you in this ;-) 
For me, this list is going to be fun and practical. Literally things I love and enjoy 
and think make life more enjoyable. 

1.) my Bible. 
I would be so completely lost without God's Word. 

2.) cuddled in bed, evening prayers with Jase. 
Yeah, I just used the word 'cuddled' ;-) 

if you've never tasted it and you like Root Beer, you must buy some. 
Even if you have to order it online, I think you should. 

4.) Kettle corn & Caramel corn. 
I'm not really a fan of regular popcorn, but these two flavors I can more than handle. 

5.) coffee with friends. 
the only time I ever sit in the coffee shop and sip on coffee is with friends. 

6.) a clean, vacuumed out, nice smelling car. 
I hate driving around in a dirty car. I blame my parents for this ;-) 

7.) reading big kid books with Ethan. 
preferably the ones my Mom read to me. Brings back the best memories. 

 8.) baking with coconut flour. 
the outcome is always satisfying and delicious. 

9.) framing pictures of our kids all over the house. 
I love seeing their silly, smiling faces in every room. 

10.) fish tacos. 
its hard to find a bad fish taco. I love them all. 

Random facts about me you don't need to know... 

1.) I hate shower curtains in showers. 
I know they're necessary, but I hate them. I don't like when they touch my skin
and it bothers me, not knowing how many germs are lingering on them. 
This is why I don't shower in the kid's shower :)

2.) flowers make me sad...  
because you eventually watch them die. 
*I still enjoy having them, but I'm sure to put them out before they die. 
I try to throw mine out early or let Rachel play with them in the backyard 
before they completely lose life. 

3.) I pretend not to, but I enjoy sappy greeting cards. 
Secret's out. 

4.) if ice is in my cup, I have to have a straw. 
I hate the cold beverage hitting my lips or teeth.

5.) vacuuming the carpet & sweeping the floors makes the whole house feel clean. 
even if its not.  

6.) I love books about politics, courtroom dramas, and also about theology. 
any other types typically bore me. 

7.) my husband has turned me on to what I'll call 'techno' music. 
Its geeky and I love it. 

8.) Pollyana is still one of my all time favorite movies. 
this shocks most people. 

9.) I cry at the end of Apolo 13 every.single.time I watch it. 
even if I turn it on and only watch the last scene. 

10.) I love looking at other people's family photos. 
I think you can learn a lot about people by looking through their lives on photos. 

11.) I know! I only said 10, but this one HAS to be in here.
As much as I like talking to people, I get the biggest kick out of watching
and observing them too. I love trying to figure out what's going on in their lives,
what they're really thinking about the person they're talking to, etc...
Its a fun game to try while sitting in traffic.

that's all folks! 

4 {comments}:

Jen said...

I love it Stef.. do you mind if I steal your idea for a post next week??? :)

Stef said...

PLEASE do! I think it would be fun to read yours!

Jessica said...

And these are basically some of the biggest reasons I like you so much!! :D

Megan Knight said...

i love that you did this stef. what a great idea! i may have to copy you ;)


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