our park, with friends

**Sorry for the back-to-back posts. I didn't meant to upload these all on the same day.
Last Friday some friends of ours {from church} joined us at our park for some playtime. 
The kids had fun playing together and Liz and I enjoyed adult time. 
The cool thing is, they have 3 older kids my kids ages and in the same gender order! 
A few weeks ago they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into God's world, named 
Amelia Jane {we're kinda partial to her middle name} :-) 

Oh. I posted these because a few weeks ago someone said 
"does Kara ever act naughty? She's always such a smiley cutie pie." 
Yes. In fact, we're in that stage where fits and whining and naughtiness 
feels quite constant. So when I saw her doing this after I said she had to wait her turn 
on the swings, I happened to be holding the camera and knew it needed to be captured. 
If for no other reason than to show it to her when she's 30 something and doesn't remember
ever being naughty. My 22 year old sister thinks she was a perfect toddler and I do wish I had
this kind of proof to show her, she wasn't :)
she wandered off, sat on a rock and eventually waited her turn. 
ah, yes. he had the hawk for a few days last week. 
I decided to try and "fix" it and we ended up having to completely shave it off. 
He said "its fun having silly haircuts now, because I know I won't want it this way when I'm a Daddy."

Solvang & Arnold kids: 
Jake, Ethan, Kara, Abbie, Rachel, Lilly 
and baby Amelia

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Liz said...

Great photos! I always delete crying pictures... maybe I should start saving them! We'd love to get together again soon. Hopefully we'll have more sunny days for play-dates ;)


Stef said...

I usually delete them or just don't upload them and yesterday I saw these and decided they need to be shared. Espeically since this stage seems to be a daily occurrance for her lately :)

Drea said...

I love park dates :) so fun. that is a fun hill too!

Jessica said...

I love the whiny faces!! What a gorgeous day for the park!


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