I need a sewing machine!

And if I had one right now, I think I'd make these beauties to decorate the house with this month.
As the sun is shinning more and more these days {today is already an over-the-top gorgeous day!} its fun to bring beautiful, bright colors out in our home. Aren't they amazing! I love them. They should be at every birthday party.

Ethan woke up at 5:30 this morning, crying and freaking out about a bumble bee in his bed. "It was on my pillow and then it grew big claws and bit me and then it flew into my window and then crashed on my pillow!" I suggested that maybe he was dreaming... but he assures me it was very real. Even showed me where it "bit" him. I told him its very unlikely that a bee was in our house, in his bed, stinging him early this morning. That's when he told me it was half bee, half spider. Yes... a dream indeed.
We both couldn't fall back to sleep and since the rest of our family members were snoozing, we ventured out for a early morning coffee date. Turned off the music in the car, rolled down the windows and talked. I love talking to all my kids and hearing all the cute things they have to say and ask, but with Ethan getting older and in the middle of school days, I find my conversations with him getting more and more exciting. Very interesting and deep. His mind is always thinking at the next level; never happy with just one simple answer. Him: "What do the signs on the road mean, when there's just a number? Like that one just says 40, what does that mean for drivers?"
Me: "Oh, its the speed limit. Its telling me how fast I'm allowed to go. If I go over that speed, I'm in danger of getting a ticket, for disobeying the rules."
Him: "Ah... but why are they different everywhere we go. How come on our way to Seattle it says 60?"
So we talked about freeways and streets with schools on them or residential neighborhoods. Why we drive certain limits. Then he wanted to know what it means to get a ticket. "what do you do with your ticket? When do they put you in jail for breaking too many laws?"
Lots of conversations like that. Very simple and yet they get my brain ticking. Its funny because its mostly stuff that I know the answers to, but haven't thought of for a very long time.

I'm finally {finally!} feeling better today! The Antibiotics are kicking in! I began having allergy issue a little over a week ago. They quickly turned into what felt more like sinus issues, but I decided to try and be healed the all natural way; trying to avoid Antibiotics. Didn't work. I got worse and worse and worse, until finally on Monday, I had so much pressure in my face, it hurt to blink my eyes :(
I gave into the pain and decided to go see a Doctor on Tuesday. Final prognosis was sinusitis, a throat beginning to grow a bacterial infection and two inner ear infections {she said my ears have so much fluid in them, she can't even see my ear drums!} I felt way less wimpish for caving into real meds once she told me all that. Yikes!
I woke up today with no head ache, no face aching, my heart beat is no longer felt in my ears and eye brows and the weather today is completely breathtaking! Its gonna be a good day.

Hope yours is swell too :)

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Jessica said...

Ahhh, get that sewing machine already! :) Love those colorful streamers!! And a little guy with such deep thoughts. Glad to hear you are finally feeling well and yippie for good strong meds when you really need them!!!

Nicola S. said...

The streamers are fabulous!
I happy to hear you're feeling better. Enjoy your beautiful weather! We're almost to 50 today (48)!!

Erin said...

Fabulous streamers! I want to give em a try!!
Love the coffee date with Ethan. Way to make a good thing out of it all!
And, I love your blog design!!

Stef said...

Haha! Cola... that was us a couple months ago! I remember when CA had a super warm week in February and we had just had snow. Crazy!

Thanks Erin! Its been a long time coming, but I kept putting it off. Jason surprised me by getting it up in about 2 clicks. Or whatever he does to make these design things happen :)


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