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I'll be making these soon. I promise to come back and tell you all what I think. My feeling is, anything with peanut butter is amazing. So I hope this proves to be true in these scrumptious looking brownies.
Seriously, my mouth waters every time I look at these.

 photo from she {hearts} it

I am feeling way better today! Thank you so much for the prayers. I forgot how lovely Antibiotics can actually be, when you really need them. I was in so much pain. I didn't even realize it until the meds kicked in.
Its been a good week, even despite the earlier part with me feeling horrible.
The weekend was very nice. We slept in, we ate a big Saturday morning breakfast, hung around the house in pj's until the day couldn't be held off any longer. We spent the day as a family and then ended it with a last minute dinner at our friends {the Bliss'} house. And I won't tell you about how Jason and I fight over who's going to hold baby Elliott and I won't tell you who usually gets him first {ME}. But he's taken a liking to Jason for some reason. I mean, I of all people understand that.
Jason and Kara had a little date. Just running some errands and having a "coffee" date, just the two of them. Kara was thrilled. She insisted that a dress needed to be worn, a bow must be in her hair and the "sparkley shoes from Target" should be worn. When I told her that Daddy wasn't dressing up, she said "its okay, Daddy's a boy, so its okay."

oh! we bought this at IKEA. In my humble opinion, this is $7 dollars of goodness. The girls love to color and paint and draw. I saw this on the shelf and knew it would be a purchase we'd never forget.
Its super easy to put together and has kept the girls quite happy for several hours throughout the week.

We spent the first part of the week taking it easy as much as possible. My head aches and facial pain was so bad, I didn't want to drive, because I'd randomly get dizzy and it seemed like driving was a bad idea. So we spent Monday playing, watching movies, playing out on the deck and just some good ol' fashioned laying around.
The girls play together really well. Its getting better and better the older Kara gets. They were playing school and then that turned into church and then that turned into "I'm the teacher and you're the hair dresser."
Rachel kept asking Kara what kind of haircut she wanted and Kara would answer "just nothing like Papa's!" which made me LOL since my Dad is bald.
Then they talked about what Kara was drawing. She says her picture is of Jesus coming out of the tomb. Rachel told her "I don't see Jesus though" and Kara replied with "oh. he's not in there, he's in Heaven." Good answer... because I don't see Jesus there either ;-)
I could sit and listen to these two talk all day long.

We rented some books on CD at the Library. They're listening to the Boxcar Children 
in this picture. I had NO idea they'd be so interested that they'd sit like this. 
I didn't even tell them to sit there. I told Kara she could play with her dolls while she listened 
and she just kept smiling and staying on the couch. 
We also rented a few educational movies for Kara to watch while E&R are doing school, 
and we also grabbed a copy of A Little Princess on CD. Rachel loves that story, 
but she's only ever heard my version. So she was thrilled to get to rent the real story. 

we rented all these too. 
I love the library and what's more thrilling for me was, my kids love it too. 
We sat and looked at books for several hours. 
Ethan has finally discovered the joy of reading. I found him over on the 
library couch reading away. You know the Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel book? 
He read the entire thing to Kara. 
It was fun to pick out books, knowing he'll read most of them as well. 
I can't believe we're in this stage of life - someone pinch me. 

Okay, so this made the girls laugh and had me laughing pretty hard too. During lunch today the girls were sitting at the kitchen table and Ethan chose to sit up at the bar. Kara wanted to ask him something so she said "Ethan?" and he made a funny face and turned his head around really fast, which in turn made the girls Laugh Out Loud.
She laughed so hard, she had trouble breathing. You know, the kind when its actually fun to be so out of breath.
So then it turned into a game. She would say "E--than?" and he'd turn either fast or slow, but both ways got this reaction out of the girls. 
I remember playing silly games like this with my siblings. Those days when the phone would ring, Mom had to take it, told us to behave while she was out of the room and within seconds of her leaving, these ridiculous games were invented and for some reason, we laughed like we'd never laughed before. 

And the older I get, the more I realize most of the silliness was started by ME. I know this shocks so many of you. You all can't imagine me being such a clown. I know.... when the shock settles let me know. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

 Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? We never have, but tonight we did. We had the Bliss' over {Katie's fabulous idea} and we ate yummy Mexican food and Jason {my Jason} made mojitos for us. It was relaxing and fun, with delicious food. And again, more opportunities to hold Elliott  :) 
He was over 10 pounds at birth, so even though he's only a couple weeks old here, he looks a lot bigger. Katie is having a D&C tomorrow, so please say a prayer for her if you read this. She has a piece of placenta that wasn't delivered at Elliott's birth.

So the week was lovely, especially post meds :) and the weekend is now upon us, with lots of fun, busy plans. Tomorrow Jason and I are double dating with some friends from church at a local brewery, then I'm meeting some friends for a late night movie. Saturday we're going to be looking at a home to possibly live in - did I tell you all that we're having to move... again?! Sadly, we got the news last week. Our landlords love Arizona and are wanting to for sure sell this home we're living in. Since we can't buy it, we have to move. Our lease isn't up until September, but we told them we'd do our best to move sooner if possible. If not, we'll move when the lease is up. 
My friend asked me the other day "how do you feel about that? this has been a crazy year for you guys already!" - and she's right. Its definitely felt like 5 months of change and trial. But its a move, not a tragic death. Its a new home, not the end of the world. No, it was NOT what we wanted to do this year {or next for that matter} but its what's happening and it could be so much worse. And we already know we're champion movers, so there's not surprises there! :) God is going to provide and He will continue to love and bless us, no matter where we live. 
So yeah, Saturday we're looking at a possible home to move to, then we're going to our friend Gideon's 1st birthday party! And then Sunday is Mother's Day. Goodness. Wasn't it just Mother's Day? The years are going by faster and faster. After we do breakfast and church as a family, I'll be going out for the day with my good friend Dani. She and I are being given the afternoon off for time out with no children, just us ladies. I'm totally looking forward to it. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Charlotte said...

I loved this recap. And I am so thankful that you are feeling better. My kids totally do the giggling for no reason...I love to hear them laugh like that. And books on tape/CD rock at our house too. :-)

Nicola S. said...

I love the post. What a great way to let everyone know how things are going.
I just love what Kara said about her date with daddy. SO cute. And Ethan and the girls laughing Love it!!!

Stef said...

Thanks! Sometimes I worry these rambling posts are annoying, but I love when other people do them, so I figure mine are sort of interesting too :)

Happy Mother's Day to both of you!

Matt said...

This is Em, not Matt. I can't get Matt's google account to log out, so this post will show up as him.

That second photo of the girls cracking up at Ethan makes me laugh. I love it!!! My sis and I had those goofy games, too. SUCH FUN!

Gina said...

Moving!? Oh man! I pray you find a fabulous home for a great price and that the move is quick and easy. This has been a really packed year for you all. I'm so glad you are feeling better too. Oh, and speaking of feeling better--how's Katie? D&Cs are no fun. :-) I saw that paper roll at Ikea too and loved it--can't wait to get one. Of course, I'll have to put it under lock and key as Sonja will roll it all out and have a heyday! :-) Thanks for the recap update! Miss you!

Shane said...

Your posts are getting too girly for me to read. :-)

Stef said...

I have NO idea what you're referring to, but you do realize I am a girl, right? :-)

Erin said...

Oh wow - another move! I hope you found an awesome house!
I love your Ikea purchase. Most excellent $7 buy!
I say the same thing about dressing up for dates. Scott will always say, is this okay, what I've got on? cuz your dressed so much fancier. I tell him, its okay, because you are a boy. Ha!


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