quickly thankful

Today's thankful post is going to be short. Not because I can't think of much to be thankful for, but because my computer time is limited to the evenings, since I use Jason's laptop when he gets home from work and I don't want to take up too much time on here. 

work outs. 
I've missed my works out like crazy. Its been over a month now 
and today I got the green light to jump back into working out.

beautiful, warm spring weather

God's unending mercy, grace, love and faithfulness. 
why do I forget so easily?!  

my husband's sense of humor. 
seriously, my abs have so much to thank him for. 

new friends God brings along, who are walking through a similar journey as me. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  

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wedogmomma said...

your blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!!


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