day 3: yummy food, parks & pools

My parent's motel had an indoor pool. The same indoor pool I swam in when I was my kid's ages. 
Seriously, can't get over how old this trip is making me feel :) 
The girls weren't sure about the pool. Especially Kara. Rachel eventually got over her fears and after an hour or so, it was hard to get her out. 
Kara never did adjust and never went back in the water after this. She announced many times that she enjoys watching, but not swimming. 

love this man. 

We're enjoying this time off together. 
Time away from life's business. 
from set schedules. 
just time to enjoy each other, and our families. 
time with friends and enjoying the beauties of California. 
We had a week filled with lots of uninterrupted time together.
Lots of talks about how thankful we are.
How blessed we are.
How good God has been to us.
This trip has been busy, but has also been a huge blessing to us.

Black Bear diner! 

I wanted to write so much more in this post, but I'm short on time and I have about 
6 other posts coming.... so this one is mostly pictures. 

** Dennis the Menace ** 

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Jessica said...

Seriously can't get over how OLD and mature your kiddos are now! In just one year's time. Craziness!!! Love the Ethan pictures-- what a ham!


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