Day 4: Arnolds galore!!

Thursday afternoon Jason's parents arrived to finish out the week/end with us in Monterey!! We hadn't seen them in person since November and I think this was the perfect way to spend our time together, because it was so very relaxed, with no distractions. Jason's sister Jenny and her husband Jeff arrived that evening and spent the entire time with us as well!

You can't see the caterpillar in this picture very well, but he was SO cool looking in person! We were walking to the beach and Rachel stopped dead in her tracks when she saw it. Kara was jumping out of her skin excited, since The Very Hungry Caterpillar is her favorite book. She was certain this was that caterpillar :)

 We walked to the beach, hoping to enjoy the sun you see in this picture... 
but we ended up with this.... 

I remembered this is the kind of weather that actually burns you the most. 
Thankfully we all sun blocked up :)
And despite the colder, windy weather, we still had a great time. 

Grandma & Kara 

Auntie Jenny with Rachel 
Jenny and Rachel ran on the beach during our entire visit. 
Jumping into the shallow water, running from the big waves, laughing, dancing, hopping and 
skipping along the beach. She and Jenny are kindred spirits I think. 

Kara and I cuddled up on the beach before she konked out and took a nap. 
Remember sleeping on the beach?! I used to love doing that. 
Hearing the crashing waves and people's voices in the far off distance. 
Its SO relaxing. She loved it and slept a good 90 minutes. 

Every so often the sun popped out and we got this glorious view. 

sleeping baby on the beach. 

with Grandpa 

It was a great day on the beach, followed by a yummy dinner Grandma made, 
with lots of fun time as a family.

After the beach we went back to Grandpa & Grandma's motel room and celebrated Father's Day for Grandpa, while Auntie Jenny and Uncle Jeff were with us, since they won't be here next weekend. 

We love our Grandpa and are thankful to God for the loving, tender and kind man he is. I'm so thankful for his example of Christ to our kids and they think he's pretty much an all-around pretty fantastic Grandpa.  

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