Day 5: split into 2 posts

Our last day in Monterey was spent relaxing, enjoying the company of family and having fun on Cannery Row. It was the perfect day to end our time there. 

Our amazing travelers! 

Jason had the great idea of having us climb down onto the rocks on the beach. 
The idea seemed fine... until we all started going down. 
Then we kind of wanted to back up... but couldn't. 
I think in this picture, Grandma has the best idea :) 

I don't like pics of myself. But my husband does. So I'm posting this for him. I know he'll appreciate it. 

being with people we know means... lots of family pictures!!! 

we took many pictures with this pose, trying to get Kara to smile. 

they were all great sports about it. But Kara never did give us a good smile. 


Starbucks on Cannery Row 

I think when it comes to Aunties... Jenny is a pretty fabulous one. 
And our kids all agree. 

ahhhh... iPhone fun. 

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Jessica said...

All of your pictures are simply gorgeous!! So glad you got such great family time in this vacation! AND friends too. ;)


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