an evening of fun

During our visit to Monterey we got to enjoy some relaxing time with our friends and my parents. It was nice after a long day of fun, to kick back to a nice dinner and fun roasting s'mores on the deck, overlooking the ocean. Who can't relax doing that? :)

Ethan and the girls discovered Hungry Hungry Hippos {wasn't as big of a hit as I thought it would be} and then did lots of coloring, coloring, taping and card making.

This was a week of hanging out with friends we typically only see online, which was odd, but super fun.
A couple times Rachel said to me "its like these people popped out of your laptop in 3D!" :)
And then Brian and I grew up together, so our conversation typically goes way back to the early 80's - rehashing how odd we were and how crazy some of the stuff was that we did.
Its fun having a friend that remembers the "old days" and can laugh at them with me.

yeah... we need one of these. 

I loved all the wild flowers and views of the ocean. 
And the trees.... we're partial to trees.  

Miss Raysa. A complete cutie pie. 

my Mom, with Kara. 

life would be amazing if we could live closer to these fine people. 
Thank you, Brian & Shanna for your amazing hospitality!! 

a mouthful of yummy, gooey goodness. 

Aliya was a bit too relaxed here. 
Moments later we realized she wet her pants and was too comfy to move :) 

the girls stuck stickers on each other. Raysa told Rachel, "this means we're best friends." 

2 {comments}:

Erin said...

Nice house Brian. Geez!
I'm glad ya'll had such a nice time together. What a great week!
Brian & Shanna's girls are so cute! (Your kids are cute, too. But, I've told you that before.)

Stef said...

They are adorable! I probably told them that too much when we were there :)


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