Friday filled with fun!

Last Friday Ethan skipped out on VBS and we drove into Livermore to spend the day with Jason's parents.
We hit wonderful weather on that day and spent a couple hours at the park, which was lots of fun! Grandpa and Grandma have a really nice park, just down the street from their home and we had lots of fun playing there.

Most of these pictures are of Kara and I think the reason for that is because I keep a close eye on her since she's the youngest. Ethan and Rachel were at the park, but running all over the place and not always near the playground. Ethan actually went over on the lawn with Grandpa to play baseball and made some friends that he ended up playing a game of baseball with, which is why he's not in any of these park pictures :)
Jason worked from their home office that day, so he wasn't actually at the park with us. But he got to go to Cold Stone with us on his break, afterward.
 she likes to go insanely high on the swings. 

 some of these pictures are from my Mother-in-law's camera, which is how I got in a few of them :)
Its nice having another person taking pictures!

 she kept asking me to "let go", thinking she could do this by herself, but I wasn't in the mood to let her learn that lesson :)

 after the park we went to Costco to grab lunch. After Costco, Kara was literally falling asleep in the car. We drove back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to pick Daddy up and then headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream....

... Kara didn't make it :)  
she ended up sleeping in the car the entire time we were eating ice cream {just outside the car, no worries}. When we got back to their house she slept another hour or so on their bed and then woke up and asked "wait! when are we going to get ice cream?" Oops.

Great Grandma Nina got to come with us!

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Nicola S. said...

Stef, those are great pictures. I love the picture of Kara in the swing. So cute, and her falling asleep in the car.


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