These fabulous people came to spend some time with us at my parents' house! William and Jess also came to Washington last summer and stayed the week with us there. We met them a few years ago {this is their first visit to our home in CA back in 2008} before Ezra was born and have really enjoyed our long distance friendship with them.
Thanks guys, for coming to see us! We love you!

900+ miles apart, they picked up where they left off. 
 Ethan and his good buddy Caedmon. 

 and Annalise. My Mom started baby sitting Annalise when she was 
2 months old and so she and Ethan very much "grew-up together" until 
we moved to Washington. She and Caedmon spent the day with us. 

 all because I said the word "boogers". I love making little boys smile :)

 they came straight from VBS {hence the shirts} played Gamecube, ate, 
swam and played some more. 

 oh. and discovered my Mom's iPad.

 Ethan told Caedmon he was gonna teach him how to play volley ball. 
I'm not sure the ball volley'd at all :) 

 these two cracked me up with how often they told each other they missed each other, gave random hugs, high five'd and made plans for the next time they see each other. Oh, Ethan also began trying to figure out ways they can go to the same college together :)

~Bartok Brood~
 These are some very, very dear friends of ours, John and Gina Bartok. 
We miss them so much and enjoyed the time we got to spend with them while in CA.
Kids enjoyed playing outside, playing the wii, and pizza dinner. 
Yes, Kara IS hanging on Jozsef in this picture. Lets just say she was smitten from "hello" :) 

Kara and Sonja took a few minutes to warm up to each other, but once they did, they enjoyed hanging out and copying everything the other one did and said :) 
Here they're playing the Leap Frog together. 

Saying good-bye is never fun... but can be very cute :) 

 we got back to my parents' house, my Dad walked in the door from work, and Kara 
said "Papa... tonight there was a boy." with a huge smile on her face :-D 

the most photogenic family... evar :)
Thanks for a fun night, Bartoks! We love you guys!

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then last Friday night our good friends the Yimbos, had us and another family over for dinner and time of fellowship. We had a nice, relaxing time and enjoyed catching up with very old, dear friends.
Jason has known Ace & Peggy Staggs since he was a little boy and I met them when I was only 14, so we go way back :)

Kara and I are missing from this picture. L-R is: Rachel, Jason, Gretchen, Gabby, Patrick, Ace and Peggy. Top L-R: Patrice, Ethan, Oliver and Peter. {Oliver is holding up the football - took me a long time to figure out what that was!}

4 {comments}:

Cindy Marsch said...

Fun! Ace's mustache has gone gray, but Peggy hasn't changed a bit! Love those folks! :-)

Jessica said...

YAY for visiting with YOU!! Gosh, I forgot you posted about when we first met. So fun!! :) Even before E was a twinkle in our eyes!

p.s. love your photographs yet again...having some serious camera envy. haha!

Stef said...

Thanks Jess! I don't even have a very nice camera! Right now I'm saving for a better lens. I need to be able to take better indoor pix :)

Glad you're enjoying this walk down memory lane, Cindy!!

Charlotte said...

Friends are such a blessing! I am so happy you had a great vacation and are back home safely. Great photos!


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