We made it safe and sound to my parent's house! Thanks for praying for our travels... everything went beyond great. Like, ten times better than we even expected. Kids did amazing.
Jason came home from work around 6pm and I teased him and said "lets just take off now" and he shocked me by saying "sure!" 
He asked me if I could actually do that {was everything packed and the house ready to go} and I told him I'd need about an hour to finish it all up and then we could go. The kids were thrilled! I loved seeing them jump and scream with excitement over hopping in the car, for a spur of the moment departure. 
They grabbed their pillows, put pj's on and ran to the van :) 

We left our area by 8:45/9pm and everything was smooth sailing. Jason and I traded off driving through the night; each getting about 2 hours of sleep. The kids slept all night through, waking up to the shock of already being IN California! 
We decided not to tell my parents that we were heading down super early... but then when we hit California we realized my Dad would be at work in San Jose and my Mom was going to be at work as well. So we decided to show up at her classroom and shocked her with our early arrival. It was awesome - her face was priceless. Wish I would've thought to bring my camera in. Such cute reactions from her and the kids.
Came back to my Moms' house and took naps, ate In-n-Out for lunch :) and now we're lazying around her house, enjoying having nothing to do but relax. We're super anxious to see Jason's family and our friends! 

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