SF continued...

 playing on the playground at Stow Lake park. My Mom was really impressed with Kara's ability to climb this entire structure, all by herself! I've learned to relax a bit with Kara. She usually knows her limitations and will stop trying if she knows she can't do it :)

 my other little monkey 

 this cupcake place on Chestnut Street {right where my Grandma used to live} was SO yummy! I've never seen such amazing looking cakes before! My Mom bought treats for the kids and we sat outside and enjoyed the delightfulness.

 this picture is for my sister, Trisha. My parents have called her Susie and Susie Q. most of her life. Its a nick-name that stuck many years ago and when I saw this I thought of her :)

Rachel ordered a strawberry cupcake and Ethan picked Mint.
Both were amazing.

 this is the delicatessen where my Dad worked when he was a teenager! 
We took some pics and sent them to his cell phone. 

 stopped off at Johnny Rockets for dinner. 
Kara is saying hi to Daddy in this picture, so we could send it to him and 
tell him we missed him very much. Jason worked from my parents' house all week, 
so we could stay in California for such a long visit. 

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Trish Thomas said...

Thanks again for the cute picture Stef - funny thing is whenever we see Kara's cupcakes we think of you guys. :) I hear that Luca's still serves some of the best subs in SF. Great pictures - looks like some great times!

Stef said...

yeah, we've seen that place too. We had a nice time. Were bummed not to get to see you guys, but the time there was very nice.


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