surprise! someone snatched our camera :)

Kara and Aliya got along quite nicely. They're only 6 months apart in age and so they're doing pretty much all the same stuff and into the same sorts of things. Its cute to see them together, being girly and having such a fun time, even though they don't see each other often. I'm so thankful for friends, near and far. 

I loved this picture, because I caught them totally carrying on in conversation. Kara was afraid of their cat Arnie and Aliya was letting her know that Arnie is pretty much harmless and only kills birds... which didn't bring Kara much comfort :) 

Ethan and Rachel spent 3 nights away: one with my parents and two nights with Jason's parents, so Kara got the girls all to herself for 3 whole mornings. This is them enjoying breakfast on Saturday morning. 

Before I show the following pictures I have to give a quick back story. 

I grabbed the camera a few days ago to go through pictures for blog posts and when I started viewing through them, I came across a few that I didn't recognize. Not only did I NOT recognize them, I couldn't figure out when I took them and why I didn't remember being there for them. 
turns out, on Saturday morning a few people {who shall remane nameless, but are IN the pictures} grabbed our camera and took these pictures for us to cherish always. And we will ;-) 

and because I know Brian will have good humor about the whole thing {since he has no choice} .... I had to post them. 

its a good look, Brian. And kudos on keeping the nose hairs trimmed well. I just wanna know... did you wash your hands before making your killer muffins?? 

Aliya. still so cute. 

this is a great place to end the post. 

I'm glad we have friends just as goofy as us. 

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Welcome2Thailand by Lily said...

Nice!I come to visit naka...

funnysunnysarah said...

Love the pictures... . Very entertaining! !


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