Vasona & Oak Meadow

Last Saturday my oldest sister Amber and her two kids drove up from LA to 
visit us before we went home. We hadn't seen them since the month we moved, so the 
visit was long overdue and much appreciated! Amber, thank you again for making that trip and 
for taking that time to spend with us. We love you guys! 

 We went with my parents to a park we used to go to all the time when we were little. 
Right by the home we grew up in, in San Jose/Los Gatos. 

 Madison and Rachel.

 Kyle and Ethan.     

 For me, I feel like it was just yesterday that my Niece and Nephew were my kids' ages. And now they're the "big kids" helping out and playing with my kids. I'm telling you... these years are flying by.

 first time Miss Kara rode on a Merry-Go-Round all by herself.

 I loved Kyle's tongue-out-of-mouth total concentration here :)

 we have pictures of ME on these swings when I'm Rachel's age.

 and pictures of ME in this airplane... at their ages. 

 and even though the weekend was crazy busy, following an intensely busy week... we still enjoyed moments like these. Just sitting on the lawn, enjoying the peace and quiet.

 Amber and me.

It was a fun day for sure. We had a scary moment in there where we panicked and thought we lost Rachel {completely freaked me out} but she ended up being in the car, worried about answering us when we called for her, because she had gotten into my makeup and thought she was in trouble :)
It was one of those heart stopping moments where the world we're in feels way too large and uncontainable and I suddenly realize how small I am. So glad she was safe and very thankful for the many people around us who realized we lost a child and immediately began searching the park for her.

Evidences of God's grace are in every moment of each day. Look for them. They're there.

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Volkov Family said...

I was wondering if you she might come to see you and I am so glad you all did get to visit together!!

Stef said...

Yes! They surprised my Dad for Father's Day weekend and came to see us at the same time :)


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