what I love....

There are lots of things I love; lots of people and places too.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed {in a good way} thinking about all the things I love. 
Because its just another fresh reminder of the many, many blessings God gives me on a daily basis.
Before I start though, I have to flip out over the fact that its June 2nd! Already! 
How did that happen? How did January-June go so fast? I'm convinced time flying is a thing 
that only happens when you're getting old{er} and actually wish each day would slow down. 
Because our kids are sure its going by way too slow. Ethan asks {probably once a week} 
when are we gonna have Christmas time again?" he acts like he's sick of a year full of summer. 
And this boy lives in the Pacific Northwest! Yeah... weird. 

Okay, back to the post... what I love.

This morning I realized I actually love the sound of my kids running through the house 
{did I just say that?!} 
while they giggle and laugh and squeal with delight, because they're being chased by someone. 
Remember that feeling? When you'd play freeze-tag or hide-n-go-seek and when you were 
about to get tagged, it made your heart race faster and got your adrenaline so high - 
the way you imagine it would feel if someone was really chasing you with a gun or something. 
I love hearing them laugh about the craziest things. 
Making up songs that only make sense to them. 
Yesterday Kara's song was something like "A,B,C Jesus loves me! Gloria to the highest! 
Circles and squares and ovals and bears. I love to sing, nothing but the blood of Jesus!" 
I thought it was great that she rhymed her words... but the words together made me LOL :) 
Makes me sad when I realize people we have over are actually annoyed and irritated by our kid's happy noises. What makes some adults that way? Not being loved or enjoyed as a child? 
I always wonder....

I should love to clean my home more than I do. Really. Think about it. 
We clean up around our homes because we have homes to clean
We have enough stuff to make messes with. 
Enough clothes that need folding and putting away. 
Enough joy and fun in our homes that party clean-up should be a joy. 
Can you tell I'm giving myself helpful reminders today? :)
Sometimes I can be so down in the dumps about the every chores and upkeep. 
Then I remember that I could be sitting here, only worrying about what I'll feed my kids next. 
With nothing to actually clean or organize or donate to charity. 
I actually can't imagine that feeling, which means I'm pretty darn spoiled. 

Our sermon was on idols of the heart on Sunday. 
There's been a lot to ponder. I never really realized idols are more than just things. 
They can be attitudes too. Sometimes our way of life is an idol. 

I love when I'm worshiping God in church and a song we sing touches my heart in such a way I feel like I'm being lifted up to Heaven as I stand there {no, we're not Pentecostal}. 
When I forget anyone else is standing around me; its just me and God. 
I'm worshiping and He is pleased. I love those moments. 
When, without even realizing it until its happened, I feel a tear slide down my cheek and I realize 
the words and the meaning and the joy of it all is too much for me to handle. 
I love when I've slowed down enough to truly be overwhelmed by GOD in my life. 
And for that reason, I love church :)

I love the rain. I do! 
I know all my California friends call me crazy when they hear this, but I do. 
I don't love it non-stop, so thankfully we don't live in a place where we get it non-stop. 
Does anyone, btw?? Are those just wives tales or what?!
I love how refreshing it is. I love that its 100% sent from God. 
I love that it waters the earth. How much more refreshing could that be?! 
Too much sun and dryness always makes me feel parched and I begin to feel like the earth 
is parched. Especially as everything turns brown around me. Man, I don't miss that. 
I love the sun too. Weather patterns to me are just such awesome reminders that, once again, 
I don't control this world. Neither does some woman with PMS. 
Its such a reminder to me that God knows, each day, what we need.
He not only takes care of us, but He's taking care of the world we live in. 
He knows when we need rain, sun, snow, even hail. 
None of it happens just because, or out of the blue, or for random reasons. 
God knows each one perfectly and there is a reason behind it. 
Think about that next time you curse the weather :-) 

I love getting to go see family and friends in California. Its fun to get away. 
Jason and I were talking about how fun its going to be to get away from our daily routine 
{its been a year since we've done that!} 
and to just enjoy each other as a family, see new faces, new places and travel. 
We love traveling. Our kids love the long car ride, Jason and I love the fun we have on long 
car rides. The books that will be read aloud, the conversations had, the movies watched, 
turning around and seeing 3 sleeping beauties in their car seats... I love it. 

And so I'm saying farewell on the Washington side. 
Tomorrow we will rise early, pack our sleepy bodies in the car and drive away.
We're going to miss most of June here in Washington... which is always sad. 
Even though we're excited to be going on such a fun trip, its hard to leave home. 
Saying goodbye to our friends and our church and our activities and life here is hard. 
And the sunny weather! I guess the high temps were just waiting for the Arnolds to leave :) 
It will be here when we return. 

So with that, I'm gonna say goodnight
Finish up last minute packing. 
Load the car. 
talk myself into going to sleep. 

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