3 day weekend ramblings... bring it.

I think we scared the menopausal weather away with all our summer wishing, bathing suit wearing, popsicle licking, outdoor fun in the {sort of there, sort of not} sun. Because baby, summer is here! 
Like it or not, its here. 
I have a love/hate relationship with it. While some love to be hot, sticky and sweaty for 3-4 months out of the year, I don't. I love the cooler mornings, warmer days and cooler evenings. Thankfully we get lots of those up here. I guess its what makes us one of the #1 spots to vacation during the summer months. But even here in the Pacific Northwest we get those hot, miserable days. I'm pretending we won't see those this summer. Hey, I wished away the yucky "what season am I again?" weather, I can wish away anything ;-) 
And maybe once we move to our new home, with the pool, I won't mind so much. We'll see. 

A really good friend of mine came and visited us last week! She and I grew up together, literally. We lived just down the street from each other from the time I was about 7 years old (but our parents have known each other since I was about 3 years old). She and her family were on their way back from Canada and called us to see if they could "come by" for a quick evening visit. I love it! Never thought California friends would "stop by" for a visit :) We had a blast visiting with them. 
Her boys might be the cutest boys I've ever seen. So cute. And, if you've heard me say that about your kids and now you're thinking "wait?! what gives? you said MY kids were the cutest ever!!" just remember I love kids and I tend to be kind of liberal with my "cutest kid ever" award. Only because a lot of of you DO have adorable kids. 
Back to their visit. We had fun. We ate dinner together, played outside {Sam tried to turn Ethan against Washington sports teams and tried convincing him Canada is really the best place in the world}, we went to the park and played some more and then, in the way all parents know how, we said goodbye before everyone began melting from their cute, witty selves and into the nightmare of "past their bedtime" monsters. Do your kids not do that? Mine do. All 3 of them. They melt down in their own special ways. Its lovely. 
I have to say, as I reflect on last week I am thankful for a couple "breathers" God gave us with family and friends. 
Jessi, if you read this, thanks SO much for taking the time to come by. We really had a great time seeing you guys and love your family so much. Thank you. 
 Smits Family: Steven, Jessi (+baby girl!), Ezekiel and Sam

 it was trippy seeing Steven because he is the spitting image of his Mommy, 
when she was little. Threw me back quite a few years :) 

 he's not mad... he just takes his lawn mowing very seriously. 

 Sam won their hearts over by giving ring-around-the-rosie rides :) 

 after they left Kara kept saying, "I would like that man to come back."

Hey! The 4th of July here! Aren't you glad I tell you these things? You'd probably forget, right? I'm glad July is here. Not exactly sure why, other than its gearing up to be a fun, more relaxed month. I need to go over home curriculum planning, but other than that, just enjoying our final calm month in this home. Lots of birthday parties, summer activities and family outings planned. 
We're having a mish-mash of people over for BBQ and fireworks tonight and then on the 5th our home officially gets put on the market. Rachel's 5th birthday is next on our list of "holiday fun" and we're planning a fun family day, plus a date out with just her and Daddy. I can't believe she's turning five.

 she fell backwards off the big girl swing :(

I don't really have anything of significance to blog about. Lots going on, but maybe too much for my brain to really be able to formulate it all out. So there you have it.

Happy 4th of July to all you lovely families!

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