no pictures, just words.

Pictures are what I love. I like reading what people have to say too, but pictures are so fun. I think its neat how a picture can tell its own story. Even if its not the real story, it can tell one. 
I've not had my camera on me much this past week though, so none from me tonight.  
My mind has complete randomness that is my life lately and so I decided I'm going to post some of it. Its made me LOL over the past couple of days, maybe you'll find humor in it too.

We went to Costco today. I received their coupon book a few weeks ago and thought it was odd that it wasn't valid until August 7th. I was venting to a friend about this and she sent me a note later saying "actually, they begin on July 14th and end on the 7th!" So today I went down there, aiming to use my coupons, only to finish ALL my shopping {with mainly only coupon items} to be told by the cashier "these don't apply until tomorrow, Ma'am." Oh... yeah... the 14th isn't today. DUH! The 14th is my daughter's birthday - you think I'd know what day of the week its on.

Tried to have two important phone calls, but lost reception both times. That never happens, but today, it did.  

Didn't get my shower in this morning.  And with this humid, not sure if I'm gonna rain or be sunny or be sunny while raining, weather, lets just say I needed that shower.

Over cooked the salmon for dinner. Dry salmon isn't my favorite. 

During prayer time at Community Group I thanked God for the day and then my mind began to wander, as I prayed, thinking about Dagobah system from Star Wars. I kid you not. DURING my prayer I had to mentally get my mind off of Star Wars and onto the issues at hand. Sad. 
Now I'm secretly hoping none of those ladies read my blog :) 

Took a much needed break from Facebook, only to realize it had become quite the obsession in my life. 
I had decided that since I wasn't on there for hours at a time, it wasn't an issue. Only to realize, popping in every 10 minutes IS an issue... for me at least. Its been nice to be free from it and to understand how much of an intrusion into my life its been. Its always nice to see what people are up to, but functioning at a normal level while not knowing what everyone is thinking, saying, eating, dreaming, and doing... its nice. 

Took the kids in to Seattle to buy some meat at Pike Place Market and then to Daddy's work to have lunch with him. As we went to find parking and realized its summer time in Seattle which means parking becomes almost impossible. Asked Ethan if he would say a quick prayer, asking God to please provide a spot that would be close enough for us to get to the market without having to walk several miles AND a spot with long enough parking for us to not get a ticket. 
Moments after he said "Amen" I noticed a lady getting into her car. Thinking it was too good to be true {her spot was right next to the elevator that takes you to the Market} I motioned at her to see if she was coming or going. She walked to my window and said "I'm actually leaving, so you can have my spot.... but I also accidentally paid for a full day of a parking and so do you want my ticket as well?" -um, YES and thank you, Lord! Needless to say, Ethan was quite moved at seeing God's obvious provision and answer to prayer. 

Feeling blessed {tremendously} by my friends here. Overwhelmed by their love, kindness and genuine happiness at being in a friendship with me. Its lovely when friendships are really a two way street. 

Watched Marley and Me today and cried my eyes out. I'm not even a dog person, but between totally feeling their pain in the scene where they find out they've lost their baby, and then realizing how hard it must have been on my sister when her dog {Maggie} died.... I lost it. I love that movie and every time I watch it, it grows on me a little more. I think the "message" in it is sweet and I think Owen and Jennifer did a great job. 

Got all choked up when Rachel had to skype with Jason's parents tonight, so they could sing to her. 
Another reminder at how far away we live from our parents.... this missing family/friends, but loving where you live is really hard. I think it would be miserable if we didn't feel like this is where God wants us. That would be hard. So even in this, there is something to be thankful for. I'm glad my kids have Grandparents and still two Great Grandmas. 

Went out on the deck tonight and saw Kara riding Rachel's big girl bike all by herself! Why does she just up and teach herself these things without warning me?! She needs to slow down the growing up. I'm not ready. 

That's all. I'm sure there's more. You know me, I could go on forever :) 
I hope you're all having a good week!


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HeyNowHannah said...

I had no idea Marley and Me was any good. I read the book quite a while ago and thought it was meh. I'll check it out now.
Oh my gosh the Dagobah thing... HILARIOUS. Star Wars is just so interesting.

Charlotte said...

I too love photo on blogs. I feel badly when I write a post without any. But reading your post today without any photos was lovely. And so real. :-)

And I too struggle with my mind wandering during prayers...sermons....I try to repeat the words in my head to stay focused.

Facebook can be obsessive too and I struggle with checking too much. So I am NOT even looking at Google+, whatever that is.

And Happy Birthday to Kara, your sweet baby. My baby's birthday is Saturday, and I'll spend the next couple days convincing her that being 5 was so nice this last year; why not go around again? :-)

Love you, Stef.

Stef said...

Thanks Charlotte! It's actually Rachel's 5th birthday today. Kara turns 3 in October... She wishes today was her day :-)

Charlotte said...

LOL! Sorry, Happy Birthday to Rachel! It was funny, we were out all day yesterday and I was thinking about Kara's birthday being so close to Nutsy's....and thinking that was just not right. And now I know my intuition was right. :-)

Jessica said...

Love your random ramblings-- they are always so eloquent to me...even if they are about Costco and not getting a shower! :)

I hear ya on the fb and blogging too! I've so exhausted lately that I haven't even had the energy & it's actually turned out to be quite nice!

We NEED a phone date though very very soon! Just so's you know I've been thinking about you lots and miss you!!

Matt & Tara said...

i am SO jealous you live so close to pike's place! seattle is one of our very favorite places on this earth!! we just love it there and i swear i would live at that market if i could!


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