Tuesday Travels

 Lately when we ask her to smile or when she sees the camera,
we get this face. We see it a lot these days.
So my new thing is to just not care. 
Because I don't think she has to smile.... 
I just think she looks nicer when she does smile :)  
On this afternoon I said "your face looks much better when you DO smile." 
And I got the following pictures.... 

 better, right?

 we've never been to this park and its only 10 minutes from our house! We met some friends from church there on Tuesday afternoon and had a great time.

     our buddy Gideon.

     Ethan has loved Gideon since the day he was born. He tells me he'd like a baby brother like him     someday and gets a big kick out of teaching him big boy things.

After the park we went to our Farmer's Market. 
It was a super hot day, but we made do by drinking lots of water and eating
fresh made carmel corn. Don't ask how, but it seems to make the heat less worse 
when you have carmel corn :)

 it was very hot... but we had fun and made do.

afterward we went to our most favorite cupcake place and relaxed in the
shade with a sugary snack :)

2 {comments}:

Gina said...

Kara's smile photos are very cute & Ethan is just precious with Gideon! How wonderful he would have been with Micah...someday. <3

Drea said...

we have that same stroller :) - and i am loving ur little ones amber!


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