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Rachel turned 5 today. Just typing that makes me want to cry. F-I-V-E!
When Ethan turned 5 it felt natural. He's the oldest and so when he turns a new age, it feels like that should be happening. But Rachel? That's a whole different story. She and Kara feel like they should stay in the baby stage much longer... but its going by so fast.

She woke up today not realizing it was her birthday. Came into my room and climbed into bed with me; wanting to talk about her dreams. She does this pretty much every morning. Its either "I had a beautiful dream about nice things." or "I had a dream that would freak even a scary person out!" and then she proceeds to tell me {every detail of} her dream.
After she finished I said, "Five years ago, right about now, I was starting to push, getting ready for you to come out of my tummy." And her face lit up... "Is today my birthday?!"
Kara and I sang to her, she grinned ear to ear and then we talked about her birth story. So far, Rachel is our only child who likes to hear her birth story over and over and over again. She's heard it many times now, but always acts surprised and thrilled as I tell it. Maybe because hers is the least dramatic, most easy labor story I have ;-)

Goes something like this... "On the 4th of July Mommy thought for sure you were coming. I had lots of tummy pains that made me think that would be the day. Daddy drove me to the hospital and when they checked my tummy they said 'Nope! Not yet! She's not ready to come out yet.' and sent us home. We did this THREE times before you were actually born. Kept going back, sure that you were about to fall out.
Daddy and I decided to watch a very funny movie the night before you were due. I laughed and laughed while we watched it, not thinking you would be born anytime soon. I had a weird feeling you would arrive very late and just tease us in the process.
But after our funny movie we went to bed and about 3 hours later, I woke up with a very big pain in my tummy and that time, I knew you were coming. I waited about 1 hour and then woke Daddy up and told him 'I'm pretty sure this is really labor' and I asked him to count for me and to help me. After about 30 minutes of that, Daddy called Papa and Nana to let them know you were coming. Papa came right over to take care of Ethan and Daddy rushed me off to the hospital. I kept telling Daddy 'we shouldn't rush because I'm sure she's not coming anytime soon' but Daddy said he had a feeling you would come fast and he didn't want to get stuck in bad traffic, since we had to drive from Brentwood all the way into Walnut Creek.
We got to the hospital and I felt great. I remember crying and telling Daddy 'we're probably going to get sent home. I really don't think the baby is coming today.' and Daddy told me 'nope, she's coming today, I can tell.' We checked into the hospital and the nurse made me wait a bit before getting checked, because she didn't think I looked very uncomfortable. I assured her that the tummy pains were painful, but let her know that I could wait a bit before getting checked. When she finally checked me she stared at me in amazement and said 'Whoa, Mama! You're almost 7 centimeters! your baby is comin'!' so they put me into a nice big room, with a window that faced the top of the hospital roof, with a beautiful view to the blue sky and bright sun.
After 2 hours of being at the hospital and only 5 hours after my first tummy pain at home, you were born. I pushed and pushed for 45 minutes {but it was the shortest time I've had to push!} and your sweet little chubby body came out. The Doctor let me reach my hands down and pull you out and you were screaming so loud it scared us ;-) When I brought you up close to my face and I kissed your cheek and said 'Hello my sweet baby girl! I've been waiting to meet you!' you stopped crying and stared back at me, like you knew exactly who I was. You were already smacking your lips together because you knew Mommy had milk for you. Daddy and I kissed each other and we kissed you and then Daddy told the nurses and the Dr. and Nana that your name was Rachel Kathryn. Everyone clapped and cheered and said 'congratulations!' and Nana was so excited that she {barely} made it in time to meet you. Papa never did make it. He arrived 30 minutes after you were born, but he says its okay because he likes the part where the baby is out and not the part where Mommy is in pain ;-)
Daddy and I sat for a long time and talked to you and kissed you and sang to you and told you how much we love you and we prayed for you and asked God to bless you and to grow you into a woman who loves God and obeys Him. The End."

She loves the story. She claps at the end, every time, like it was the first time she heard it. And this morning was no different.

I can't believe this year begins Kindergarten for Rachel.
I can't believe she will be learning how to read soon. I can't believe she's old enough to do so many big girl things.
I can't believe she's not our baby anymore!
Rachel is excited to be five. She's excited to be able to use all the fingers on one hand to tell people how old she is.
She said her goal for this year is to learn how to read 1 Bible verse, all by herself. Its a good goal, I think.
For part of her birthday present, Jason and I bought her some art classes. She is over-the-top excited about it. Cannot wait for her first class. She begins in August and told me she feels like "August will never get here fast enough." Our kids got their lack of patience from me, in case you're wondering.
Today ended up being a very chill and fun day. We went to Starbucks for Hot Chocolate and Cake pops.

Then our friend Miss Sarah and baby Gideon came over around lunchtime. 
We had Panda Express for dinner and then went to see Cars 2, with our friend Ash.

Followed by our treasure hunt at home and tomorrow night we will eat the giant cookie w/vanilla ice cream that Kara and I made.

Thanks to so many of you who left cute messages on Facebook for her {I read them all to her and she loved them} and for the phone messages and several emails you've sent. It made her day that much more special and showed her how very loved she is.

sorry this cell phone pic came out dizzy blurry. 

Happy Birthday, Rachel-Kate! You're going to enjoy five... its a great age. 
We love you so much and thank God for His blessing to us in you.

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Brooke said...

Cute! Yes, it does go o fast. I can't ever believe it, either. My baby will be 4 in a month and 8 days!!!
Happy 5th, Rachel! You're a beautiful little girl! God has definitely blessed you with much! I pray the same prayer your mommy and daddy prayed for you when you were born!

Charlotte said...

What a fun day you had! Happy Birthday to Rachel from our family!

Melissa Joy said...

This made me cry it was so sweet! Your little lady is quite the blessing to your family, and I love seeing it, even if just from a distance.
Happy birthday, Rachel Kathryn! May you grow in grace all your days, and continue to delight your mommy forever.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! She is too adorable. It sounds like she had a perfect Birthday : ) I know what you mean about the time flying....I can't even think about it or I cry.

Stef said...

Thank you!

wedogmomma said...

Ok, can I pay you to call me and tell me a story? I can see why Rachel loves it! You are SO good with all the details....
I was hanging on every word!
Happy *belated day you big sweet girl!

Matt & Tara said...

your kids are adorable!! happy birthday sweet girl!


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