Wednesday Wanderings Part 2

After we played at the park and went to explore "Solvang Island", 
we ventured back to the lake {our kids call it the ocean} 
and played for the rest of the afternoon. 
 We love this lake and love that its SO close to our current home and even 
closer to our new home! Woot-woot! :) 
This is the same place where we saw the Christmas Lights display in December. 

     I was told this is not a sand castle. Its a sand tower. Now you know.

      I saw the girls following Ethan, talking to him about whether or not there were sharks in the water.
      He assured them that if there were, Mommy would never allow us to be in here.
      Rachel seemed worried that maybe sharks would sneak in and Mommy wouldn't know and Ethan
     continued assuring her that sharks couldn't get in Lake Washington, even if they wanted to.

    "Its too shallow, Rache. God made it that way." 
    "Ok. As long as you're sure... then I'll go in the deep water with you." 
   "Well, we're not gonna go too deep, because we can't swim that well. 
Plus, if you go too deep, you'll run into weeds and gross feeling stuff." 
    "Ick. I wish when I'm 6 I'll know as many things as you do." 
    "you will. I'll teach you." 

     Just before we went home, we had lollipops.

     Lilly is Kara's little friend and quite a cutie-pie :)

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Liz said...

Sweet :) We had so much fun playing with you all! I love all your photos and kid quotes. We'd love to go play at the park again with you all.

Nini said...

Kara in her swimsuit = just perfect!


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