Took this back in early July & just now learned how to upload video on here :) 
If your speakers are playing my music AND the video sound at the same time, go to the bottom of my page and hit "pause" so the music will stop while you play the video.  

I was in the house doing dishes after dinner one night and looked out the window and saw Kara riding a big girl bike! I didn't know she could do this, so it thrilled me. About 2 months ago she wanted to ride this bike - it used to be Rachel's, but now that Rache is too tall, we're passing it onto Kara. She had so much difficulty riding it a couple months ago; kept peddling backward and suddenly stopped and then falling, etc... 
So it completely surprised me to see her just doing it flawlessly by herself! 
Typical Kara... she tends to learn things at her pace and on her own. 

Two things I loved about this video: 
1.) Ethan is on the small trike and Kara is on the big bike 
2.) the waving while riding ;-) 

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Brooke said...

Cute :) Kerrigan just did the same thing, all on her own, about the same time :)

jillyco said...

hahaha!! I love Ethan's Christmas pjs! And she's riding that bike like she's been riding it for months!

Nicola S. said...

Way to go Kara! Love all the waves and smiles and that Kara can't take her hands off for very long. Too cute.

Erin said...

Wow!! What a big girl. I am glad you got that on video. Yay! I just started trying to teach Mo to ride a bike last night. She can't do it at all, but she loved it. :)


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