Woodland Zoo

Last Tuesday Jason's Uncle and Aunt were in town and we got to spend a whole day with them at the Zoo! We've lived here almost 2 years and this was our very first trip to the zoo that's only 30 minutes from our house. Crazy... but SO worth the wait!!
Jason had to work, but we already have plans to take him back with us.

 if you look waaaaay off in the distance, its a giraffe :)

 We learned a lot about hippos. For starters, did you know they lay in the water so much to protect their sensitive skin and to avoid sunburn? Who knew?!

 this was the cutest display, by far. 

 they had the coolest lion display, where you could go right next to where the lions walk, but have a nice, big piece of glass between you and them :) Made for some pretty cool, up close shots!

 Aunt Christine & Kara 

 this guy was so creepy. Ethan loved him, but I insisted he was fake for a long time. He never moved! Then, just as they were all starting to think maybe I was right... he blinked his eyes and moved his back leg. I have a strange feeling if this guy wants to, he can move very fast.

 Rachel was showing us what her face wants to do when she sees snakes. 

 So many parts of the zoo are covered in beautiful, jungle-like scenery! 
I kept saying how odd it is that just a few blocks away was Seattle :) 

 it was chow time for Mr. Elephant, so all we got was a rear view. 

 with Rachel about to turn 5 and Kara quickly approaching 3, I'm realizing 
just how well these two get along. I love to see the way Rachel loves Kara and 
enjoys her company and I love the way Kara feels totally cool to finally be big 
enough to play big-girl stuff with Rache. I hope they're always best friends. 

 Kara and Uncle Larry loved the waterfall. 

 this guy was huge. and had a huge personality. On many levels. 
I've actually never seen a monkey this big, in real life. 

 looking at these pictures I can see how tired Kara is getting. 
But thinking back to the actual day there, I had no idea she was so exhausted... 
until she began melting down. 

 the bird display was very neat! Uncle Larry bought the kids little sticks with 
bird food on them and as you stand there with your sticks, the birds fly to you and land
wherever they decide. At one point I had two birds on my head, one on my shoulder and 
another on my arm. Unfortunately I was holding the camera, so we didn't capture it. 

 and we road the merry-go-round. my kids love these.

 this is where I started realizing the day had been too long for Kara. After this we saw the penguin exhibit and then said good-bye. I can't wait to go back though, because we still have over half the zoo to see!

Thank you Uncle Larry and Aunt Christine for a wonderful day at our Zoo!! 
wondering why Kara's not in this picture? see photo above :) 

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Nini said...

So much fun! We need to take our kiddos to a real zoo! Your kids are So. Stinkin'. Cute. Really.

Stef said...

Thanks Nini - so sweet :)


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