Amazon Family Picnic!

Amazon has their annual family company wide picnic every August and after last year's fun we had, we were super eager to go again this year.
The weather ended up being a perfect day; not too warm, not too cool. Much better than the 110 degrees we got at last year's picnic.
This year the Bliss's came as well {Jason Bliss also works at Amazon} and we spent most of our time with them, which was a blast. After all, we'll soon be related to each other! :)
Kind of bummed our camera flash was on and I didn't know it, so some of these pics came out really bright and odd looking. Such is life.
 I do love this mountain! I remember shooting about 50 pictures 
of it last year and Jason and I did the same thing this year. 

    they had the neatest crafts this year! The girls made bracelets and could've been in there all day long.

 our 3 munchkins. I love how they naturally pose in such cute poses. 

 hey, when did they get so big? 

   soon to be cousins... sort of :)

 the goofy picture 

 Mr. Elliott - the happiest baby, ever

 on the hay ride 

    Stef and Kara 2011 
    Stef and Kara 2010 :) 

    Katie, Jason and Juliet

    they have a beer garden. You show your ID and go in and beer is free. Its quite lovely :)

    Kara thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream.

3 {comments}:

Volkov Family said...

The mountian in the background is quite fabulous!

Nicola S. said...

What a great picnic! Love the pictures of the three munchkins posing and Kara eating the ice cream. They are so adorable.
Love the picture of you and Kara, I can't believe how big she's getting!

Gideon said...

Amazon looks like they take great care of their employees and families. I am impressed with the picnic they threw for everyone!


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