a blog award with 7 facts

I've never gotten a blog award before!  
Enter my friend over at Sunny in Seattle {who's blog I found and began enjoying, only to find out we're in the same MOMS Club together!} We soon became good friends. 
Thanks so much, Sunny. You're the best :)
The rules of this award are simple: list 7 things about yourself and pass the award on to 7 other bloggers.  So here I go! 

1.) I sometimes eat ice cream right after breakfast. I tell myself I'll burn the calories off throughout my busy day, so I eat it with very little no guilt. My family members will laugh when they read this because I've always been strangely obsessed with ice cream. 

2.) I love documentaries. Whether they're books, movies, or on Netflix, I love them. 
I get a kick out of "reviewing" them, but Jason is typically the only person who gets to see/hear the reviews :) 

3.) just to be somewhere on time the next day, I do several things the day before. I pack whatever meals will be eaten on the go and put them {ready to go} in the fridge. 
I put anything we'll need during our trip in the car and I write the time of our event on the calendar 20 minutes earlier than it really is. And yes, that time trick does work on my brain. I typically forget I set the time earlier and we end up leaving with time to spare. 
This is all a work in progress though - we're still fashionably late to things. 

4.) When I prepare dinner using any type of uncooked meat, I can't actually eat that meal once its cooked, because I lost my appetite preparing the raw meat. I've tried to remedy this and so far I've managed to wait a few days after cooking it and then I can eat it without getting totally grossed out. I guess you could say I'm mostly vegetarian in my own home... but somehow I manage to sneak quite a bit of meat in my diet :) 

5.) I love changing baby diapers. Love it. My Aunt used to tease me back in the day, and always told me it would be something I'd outgrow, but I never have. I still get a huge kick out of making baby's bottom clean. I know if my bottom was covered in pee or poo I'd be thrilled with having an eager person to change it quickly. 

6.) I've never eaten at a Taco Bell. My own sister didn't know this about me until I told her a few days ago, so I figured it was "blog fact worthy". 

7.) I hate wearing long pants. I would wear shorts all year long, if I could. 

I'm passing this award onto 7 pretty great bloggers: 
Nicola @ Mountain family 
Jill @ Inside Out 
Erin @ Everyday Carnival 
Sarah @ Moulton Family 
Hannah @ Hey Now, Hannah
Kristen @ No We're Not There Yet 
Brooke @ Sauder Family Travels 

6 {comments}:

Jessica said...

Such the perfect award for your sweet, thoughtful blog!! ...And I'll be calling on you for some diaper changes in the very near future. ;)

Jessica said...

And DUH, how did I NOT realize the Suaders blog is on your list?!? Seriously!?

Emily said...

Number 5 made me LAUGH because I feel the same way. You are the first person I have ever heard of who shares my sentiments about changing diapers!

Charlotte said...

Congrats on your first award!

And I loved #3...I have the clock in our minivan about 7 minutes ahead, so that way when I get somewhere, I am there early. And so far it hasn't made me drive faster.... :-)

Nicola S. said...

Thanks for the award!
But I can't believe that you have never been to Taco Bell! Though I haven't been there since a month after Audrey was born!

funnysunnysarah said...

Honestly it was simply exciting to know how much we have in common... or at least I thought so.lol Got a good laugh- Thanks Stef : )


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