its the half way point

Dear Ethan,
 Today you are six-and-a-half years old! Can you believe it? I can't.
In only six months you will be seven years old, and just typing that makes me catch my breath and re-read my own writing, to make sure its real.
You're getting so big. In every way. Physically you're taller & mentally you're smarter. You read now. Completely, with total ease. Daddy and I have mentioned to each other how weird it is to have you suddenly just reading stuff wherever we are. Stuff written on the doors in public bathrooms can be an issue, but that's another story :)
You're my boy. I love our tradition of laying in your bed at night, with you listening to my stories and getting all caught up in them, wondering how they're going to end. I love the way you laugh out LOUD when I say something you think is funny. I get the biggest kick out of the way you laugh uncontrollably when I say the word "poo" or "boogers" - such a typical boy ;-)
I love the way you adore Daddy. I love that you two are best buddies and enjoy playing football on the xbox, throwing the frisbee outside and just talking. I love hearing you talk together.

You're very into sports. Any chance you get to play outside; alone or with other people, you never want to come inside. You're a natural too, just like Daddy. You kick a soccer ball like you've been on a team for years, you throw a frisbee {even the fancy ways} like you've had professional lessons, you love to run, you love swimming. You also love watching any sport on TV. Your favorite is football. You get into football the same way I do; its a bit ridiculous. But you enjoy watching golf, hockey, soccer, baseball, tennis, anything.
I think you're going to go nuts when the olympics are on :)

You've discovered card games and its been fun for me as well. We play Go Fish together and recently I've been teaching you, slowly but surely, how to play Nertz {a family favorite} and you've taken to it really well! I thought it was funny on the day I started teaching you, you all of a sudden said, "Wow, Mommy...  When you and Daddy play this I had no idea your brains were working so hard!" - haha! Yes... tis true.
The other day you got the cards out and wanted to teach your sisters how to play a game. They weren't takin' to it the way you did and you were getting frustrated. You went and sat down at the kitchen table totally defeated. I told you "well, they're younger than you. Maybe you need to think of a game that would introduce them to cards and help them ease into the bigger games." So about 20 minutes later you came up with a game... and the girls loved it. You held a card {I think it was the 2 of hearts} and told the girls they had to find the match to your card, somewhere on the main level of the house. You had hidden about 20 other cards from another deck all over the main level and they went nuts trying to find the match.
It was so fun watching you get creative and then find a way to help your sisters enjoy cards the way you do.
And only a couple days later, Rachel was playing Go Fish really well! See... patience does pay off.

I love the way you still stop and pray for a hurt person when you hear sirens going by. No matter what you're doing. You've done it since you were 2 years old.
I love the way you plan ahead; the way you think carefully through every situation.
I love the way you respond to Daddy. I actually like that he can get to your heart quicker than I can.
I love when you tell me you're not sure you'll ever find a wife as "fabulous" as I am ;-)
I love that you admit when you're wrong. Saying I'm sorry is not hard for you. I love that.
I love how completely tender you were with me when we lost Micah. I love how careful and loving and sensitive you were and are on that topic. Daddy is doing a great job training you.

I love you, Ethan. I'm sorry you live in a home with probably too much estrogen flowing through it most hours of the day, but I'm thankful to have you in it. I love having your company every day and I love the fun we have together.
We have daily challenges, for sure. No doubt about it - you have a very complex personality.
But I'm reserving that for your own personal journal, conversations with you, and talks with Daddy and me. Its not stuff I think you'd appreciate me sharing with the world :)

I'm excited as you enter this new part of the year; getting ready to move - you are SO excited about our new house. I'm anxious to get started with school too. You'll be starting up with AWANA again soon and I pretty much can't wait for the new adventures that lie ahead in this second half of your sixth year.
I love you.

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Jane said...

Nana loves you too my little man!

Great post Stef, I love the pictures of him, such a happy face! And I love how I know where they are in the pictures!
Happy 1/2 birthday Ethan!!

Jessica said...

Goodness, I can't believe he'll be SEVEN soon! hat a trip for your first born to be there-- I seriously can't even imagine!!

He's such a sweetheart & such a wonderful big brother!

Gideon said...

Wonderful letter. You are such a great mommy!

Charlotte said...

What a precious tribute to such a sweet little guy!


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