the last one...

Sniff, sniff. I had a hard time writing that title. We're going to miss being in this Community Group! We're of course excited about hosting a new one and meeting new people and serving a whole new group of friends... but its hard to say good bye {to weekly meetings} with this group.
Last Wednesday we had our last group meeting at our park and we BBQ'd and spent a fun night with each other.

   this is just part of our group. several people were unable to come.
   Its a great group and we love them all so much.

Sarah :-) 

the food was SO yummy! 

~ Ashley ~ 


we think he's pretty much adorable. 

prayer time  

Rachel took this one and asked me to "prop" it on my website :) 

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Nicola S. said...

love Rachel's picture of you and her comment. That is so precious. Great picters of the girls on their bike too.


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