::The Reception::

The reception was at David and Emily's favorite Irish Pub 
The food was SO good and the time spent with friends was really nice. 

David and Em, we're really happy for you guys and are thankful to God for bringing you together! 

 Emily, with our good family friend, Ace Staggs 

 it was really hot and Kara found the best spot in the place :) 

    the Best Man

 the food was delicious

 instead of wedding cake, we had pies 

this is David's Uncle David :) 
He won "Uncle of the Year" award, by soothing Elliott was he was upset. 

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kristen said...

hey, that's OUR uncle david! so crazy we are kind of related now, stef...

Stef said...

I know! Its so wild! I love it though :)
I really enjoyed meeting him.

jillyco said...

More great shots...! And nice to see Ace too! (haha! Didn't see him in the wedding batch.) You took some beautiful pictures!

Stef said...

Thanks Jill :-)

Sadly, the guitarist forgot his guitar and it was at Bonnie's where Staggs were staying. Peggy brought the guitar early and then got lost going back and ran out of time to go get Ace, so he missed the ceremony :-(

Krista said...

How fun to have a reception in a pub! Thanks for posting all these pictures, they are so fun to see.

Nicola S. said...

I just absolutely love the picture of Emily with her head resting on David's shoulder. What a fun place to have a reception!
Congrats Emily and David!

Emily said...

My favorite is Amber and your dad. I love that!


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