The Rehearsal Dinner

{the wedding and reception photos are below this post} 

Jason and Katie Bliss {Katie is David's sister} threw a great Rehearsal dinner for us! 
They BBQ'd meat and the side salads and such were delicious. 
It was so much fun having family and friends together in one place, and, here in Washington! 
We had friends we've known since before Emily was even born, 
friends we've known since I was a teenager and then bringing together friends who are 
now family, thanks to Emily and David :) 
I really enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to celebrate the upcoming wedding. 

 David's Aunt and his Mom's friend Ben 

 Grace, Mike, Emily R. and Emily {my sister} 

    Anna & Amber {my sister}

 Jenny {David's sister} holding her nephew Elliott 

    Peggy, my Mom and Ethan

    me, Emily and Amber

    "Betti" girls, with Mom and Dad

    Rachel loves legos

 the Bride & Groom 
{the night before} 

     Showing us her muscles.

7 {comments}:

Sarah Moulton said...

am I seeing it right that your Jason Married them?

Stef said...


matthew said...

1. great pics - thanks for sharing!
2. saddened by the conspicuous absence, but continue to hope
3. still hankering for shots of the Right Rev J-DAy! ;-)

Stef said...

Matthew, wedding pictures are below this post :)

Charlotte said...

So neat to see photos of your sisters and parents! And is this Jason's new side job? :-)

Great photos - thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Loved that Jason married them!!! Ha! So awesome!

And what a fabulous weekend to have everyone there to celebrate!! So FUN!

Acy said...

Thanks for posting all the pics, so happy for them!! Looks like an awesome weekend! Love you guys


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