saying goodbye

When we moved to this neighborhood 2 years ago, we were new to everything that surrounded us. New to the state and so, obviously,  new to the city. New weather patterns, new church, new job, new friends.
There's a certain part of me that has grown very fond of this neighborhood and very attached to it, for those reasons. I feel like moving from here is going to be the first big step we've had to take since moving away from our home in California. And it sounds so silly to admit since we'll only be a short drive away, but its honestly how I feel.
I'm extremely excited about our new home. We all are. Every time Jason and I go there, we pinch ourselves and can't believe the awesome ways in which God is blessing us. Our new landlords are the sweetest couple {we've already been talking about adopting each other as family}, the rent is cheaper, but the home is larger and its on a 1/2+ acre of land!
But... we're leaving behind the only place we've known since venturing up here 2 years ago. Lately I feel like the smallest thing makes me super emotional. Its been a long year.
Tonight will be our last night in our home here and so I thought this post would be appropriate.

Several weeks back I had an idea to take pictures on a Sunday afternoon walk we took as a family. I told Jason I wanted to capture the look and feel of this neighborhood while we're here, because I know our kids will have similar attachments to it as well and they'll appreciate the pictures someday.
We've loved living here - no complaints, its a great neighborhood. The houses are a bit too close together for our taste and we actually miss living in an older, more quaint home, but we've loved, loved, loved this neighborhood. It was a good first stop for us and God knew that.

So as we say goodbye to our first neighborhood here in the Pacific Northwest, we invite you to come along for some last pictures with us.

its the road we drive in every day, upon entering our neighborhood. 

you drive down this tree lined road for about a 1/2 a mile and then you 
come upon the houses. I think its a great set up and beautiful entrance. 

we're gonna miss you Woodside folks...
Even though your HOA is super picky ;-)

when we first moved here, Rachel called this water a "lake" :) 

the yards are all beautifully landscaped and this time of year, gorgeous flowers 
decorate everyone's porches. I love all the amazing color in these. 

the baseball field at our park. 

this was taken back in June. I've decided I have a major thing for clouds. I love them. 
My favorite though, are on days like this; it was warmer, sun is out, blue sky, but huge pillowy {is that a word?} clouds that make you want to go lay in them. 

 again, more fun clouds. Aren't they cool?! 
Ethan learned about clouds and what their names are and what makes 
them each different. I think I enjoyed the lesson more than he did :)

Jason captured this COOL picture of the sun coming through the clouds! 

so cool. 

We're going to miss our neighbors. 
We're going to miss the view. 
we'll miss living only a mile from my sister... 
But we're so thankful for where God is bringing us and can't wait to 
begin our lives there! 

The move is going well, so far. Its been a huge blessing having my Mom here. 
She's been watching whichever kids don't come on runs with me
and then as I take loads of stuff to the new house, she is here, cleaning
out this home, so I won't have to come back next week and do that. 
My Mom is amazing

Jason has been coming home after long days at work, helping feed the kids, 
building new furniture, packing, loading and unloading with me and more. 
He's pretty amazing too :) 
And on Friday and Saturday, we get to see how many more ways we're blessed, 
when several guys from church come to help make it that much smoother

**UPDATE: Jason and our friend Josh Clayton {from church} 
got the truck loaded with ALL our stuff and moved in one round on Friday night! 

I'll try to do a follow-up, end of move with pictures post next week. 
For now, enjoy your weekend. 

And remember... 
Our new door is always open. 
Come visit anytime.

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Melissa Joy said...

May the Lord bless your family as you take this next step, as you transition and adjust (again), and as you learn to love another new sweet neighborhood. (((hugs)))

The Abe Green Family said...

Love this post! Hope you get settled soon. Love you guys!

Stef said...

Thank you, Melissa!

Thanks, Jess. We love you guys too :)

~ Kristen said...

Great post! :) cant wait to see the new place!

Jessica said...

Alright, alright...we'll come visit your new neighborhood too! ;)

I loved this idea of capturing those normal everyday things you see because you will forget these small details. And seriously, love the matching outfits on the girls!!

Matt & Tara said...

you take really beautiful pictures!


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