"sittin' on the dock of the Bay..."

{just a side note: the last two posts pictures were taken with my iPhone. 
props to those guys at Apple. They make a good product.}

as I said on Facebook, when I posted this picture there... 
we like to call them 
And yes, you guessed well... its in birth order. 

 This picture made me laugh and "awww" all at the same time. 
I think I said "guys, please look over here and give me a smile, real quick!" 
Ethan and Rachel look so completely over posed, its uncomfortable. 
Kara is the one who made me "awwww" - I love what she's doing here. 
Because even though we don't always catch it, she does this to Rachel all the time. 
She's looking to see how big sister does it, so she can be sure to copy. 
I love it. 
I remember doing that to my big sister.
I mostly love that Rachel doesn't mind at all and finds it quite flattering. 
Kara loves Rachel. 
She asks her at least once a day, "Rache, we're best friends right?" 
R: "the best there ever was." 
K: "Yeah. The best there ever was."
Kara can't wait to have long hair like Rachel. 
She can't wait to be as tall as Rachel. 
She is eager to color as well as Rachel. 
Yesterday she told me she can't wait for the day when she's brave 
during scary movies "just like Rache is." 

I love those 3 little people. 

I love the flushed cheeks. Kara was very warm...
but refused to go in the lake, in case a shark wandered in.

they saw some fish swim by and were hoping to spot another! 

watching speed boats go by. 

believe it or not, this park is right next to our Target shopping area. 
We visit both quite frequently :) 

I'm not very good as posing pictures. 
This seemed like a better idea in my head, but didn't turn out as well. 

Ethan took this of me. He told me "if we have no pictures of you on our trip, 
Daddy will wonder who brought us here." :) 

 we cooled off with milkshakes from the restaurant on the dock. 
It was a hot day and these hit the spot. 

Ethan emailed a photo of this boat to my Dad and told him he should buy one :) 

4 {comments}:

jillyco said...

I love your posts, Stef. They always make me smile. :o)

Erin said...

Ha! Love that Ethan was concerned that daddy would know who took them to the lake. So funny! And about asking for the boat. Love it!
(I love that song in the title, too.)

Jessica said...

Gorgeous lake!! Man, how awesome to live so close to water! My favorites pics are of their backs-- they are so cute lined up together!

p.s. how are you *still* having fun adventures WHILE packing your whole house up?! Seriously, amazing!

Nicola S. said...

What a beautiful day! Love the park and the pictures of the kiddos are so adorable. Love the picture of Kara looking up at Rachel.


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