::The Wedding Day::

{if you want to see Reception pics, be sure to look below this post}

David and Emily couldn't have asked for a better day to get married. The weather was a perfect {slightly too warm} 85 degrees, the water looked gorgeous and the park was beautiful.
I cannot believe my little sister is married! I also can't believe we've been so blessed with a guy like David in our family. The wedding was really nice and always such a joy to see two people joining their lives together.

                         this is how my Dad feels about walking his last daughter down the aisle :)

 Jason with my Dad 

    David's nephew Ash, with Kara and Rachel

 I originally thought these were Emily's shoes... 
but it looks like someone else decided to go barefoot :) 

    The view was gorgeous and I don't know why the sky looks hazy. 
It was deep blue and beautiful. I wonder if my flash was on again :( 

    The Groom

    David's Niece, Juliet

     Bellevue is the city you can see here.

    there was this really handsome guy there....  ;-)

    David's Nephew Elliott

    Mike, Emily & Grace

 Emily and Anna 
{we've been friends with Anna's family since before these two were born!}

 you can't see it in this picture, but she's carrying her Starbucks cup 
as she walks to where she needs to wait to come out for the wedding. 
I thought it was very fitting :) 

~ The ceremony begins ~

 Kara is told NOT to touch the flowers. 

 Jason with my Mom {Mother of the Bride} 

    my sister Amber with Rachel

                             Mother of the Groom with... the Groom :)

 Jason Bliss and Sharon 

 Preston & Grace 

 Nathan and Emily R. 

 here comes the Bride!! 

the ceremony and vows 

   this is how Kara kept busy :)

    Peggy & Meredith {family friends}

 the kiss!! 

    Kara didn't want to watch

 I love that he's already carrying her shoes :) 

    the baseball cap kept his head from burning :)

 Grace had peanut M&M's - Emily's favorite! 

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10 {comments}:

jillyco said...

Beautiful photos Stef!! Looks like a wonderful day...Em looked gorgeous! And so nice to see Peggy and Meredith there too! :)

I love the picture of your Dad hugging Em and David. He looks like he might cry.

Jessica said...

I'm SO SO jealous that Peggy & Mere were there!!!!! ;) Beautiful pictures!! Everyone looks their best!!

Gina said...

So beautiful! I prayed the weather would have been good--it was wonderful! Emily made a gorgeous bride! And I had no idea David was so tall! His height was never so apparent in other photos I've seen. Everything was beautiful--right down to her bracelet. And I still think it was awesome that Jason officiated. Such a special day and wonderful memories! Congrats David & Emily!

Krista said...

Ditto what Gina said, I was SHOCKED when you posted a picture on FB of David and Emily, had no idea he was so tall. I guess I have only seen pictures of them sitting down up until now! LOL!

These are all beautiful pictures, what an amazing location! Emily looks gorgeous. Did Kara really not want to watch the kiss?? Haha.

Stef said...

He's actually not THAT much taller than her, but he is very tall. David is 6'5 and Emily is about 5'2, so there's a huge difference.
The picture where her chest area comes to his waist really is a misrepresentation though - she's barefoot and standing down hill from him and he's got shoes on.

Krista, that is Kara's honest reaction to seeing them kiss. She said "I don't want to watch this!" and closed her eyes. I happened to have the camera right there :)

Nicola S. said...

What a beautiful bride! I can't believe that's the same Emily that use to follow us around while we were playing!
Love the flowers. The whole setting was so beautiful.

Shane said...

Enjoyed these. Looks like a fun day!

Gideon said...

What a beautiful day of celebration! Gorgeous photos as always!

Emily said...

Absolutely beautiful! She is so beautiful!

Matt & Tara said...

those shoes (the silver ones on the grass) make my heart skip a beat.

gorgeous location!!


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