August. It was a blur.

Did August go by fast for you guys too? I feel like just as we entered the month, we ended it. I'm glad though... been waiting for the end of August to get here for a long time :)
What did August look like for you? Here's our run-down of our summer month, before heading into the school year...
park/play dates
library trip
dinner with friends
water parks
date night 
coffee w/girlfriends 
birthday parties 
goodbye party w/current neighbors 
lunch w/friends after church
new home walk thru 
pizza dinner w/friends
wedding prep w/my sister
last Community Group, complete with BBQ 
Bridal shower
pedicures with girlfriends
couples baby shower 
helping friends move
Farmer's Market 
my family from CA arrives
my sister becomes Mrs Haidle
& David joins our family! 
a day in Seattle with Mom & Amber
pack, clean, load, sort, unload, unpack....
move to our new house 
say goodbye to my Mom :( 
get settled at the new place and prep for Labor Day party!! 
Oh yeah... and don't forget, school starts next week :-\

And then you'd have to throw in a few trips to Costco, a trip to Trader Joe's, several trips to Target, Safeway and Starbucks. Then the month would be complete :) 
That was my short, lazy way of blogging about the end of our month. 

Moving went great! We had help from my Mom; she stayed after Emily's wedding to help us with the kids especially, but packing and un-packing as well.
You know us... we moved and unpacked and set up pretty quick. Its just the way we roll. And after you've moved as many times as we have seven, you could do it all in your sleep. 
I have a hard time living out of boxes and so for me, its worth it to get it all done in 24-48 hours and then take a long nap afterward. This was probably our slowest unpacking and setting up though. We took more like 3-4 days instead of our quick 1-2.

We're hosting a Labor Day BBQ here, as a sort of house warming party with friends/family. Now that my sister married into the Haidle/Bliss/Brink family, we instantly have quite a bit of family up here! 
Thanks for doin' that, Em ;-)

I can't believe school is just around the corner! We decided to start after Labor Day, while all the other schools started today. I told Ethan next year we'll try to be on track with everyone else, but honestly, my brain can't wrap itself around "school" until Labor Day is over. That holiday has always felt like the ending of summer to me, for some reason.
Rachel is SO excited to start school! She is already reading by herself {she's picked up quite a bit of phonics from hearing Ethan learn all last year} and she loves to write, so I think this year of Kindergarten is going to go real smooth for her.
Kara is going to be doing preschool "work" 2 days a week and she says she's excited, but we'll see :)

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend! 
Happy September! 

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~ Kristen said...

I need a nap after this post ;) haha!!

I think starting after Labor Day is best, Wyatts going to school two days then off for 3.....kinda makes no sense hahah lol


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