the new house and me, talking.

I'm in one of those blog lulls. Or maybe just an online lull. I have a lot on my mind; some of which I'd love to blog about, some of which I never will. But none of which I feel like writing about, right now.
Isn't that annoying? I think it is.

We've been at the new house a week now and I've not taken one picture with my camera. Sad.
I keep meaning to, but something distracts me, or I just don't feel like it. But because I like you all a lot and some of you have asked "where are the pictures of the new house?" I went ahead and ran outside and snapped a few.
    so that's not our house. This is the view from the front of our house. 

We're liking it here. Jason and the kids love it way more than I do... but I'm learning to love it.
I miss our amazing views at the old house. I miss looking out the windows and seeing over the tops of trees and getting that amazing view of Seattle every day.
I miss knowing what the weather is gonna do, before it does it and I miss being in a home that already has memories in it. Its fun to start over, but its hard to as well.
However, this place is pretty amazing. The kids play outside ALL day long. I have to bribe them at mealtime to get them in here. Its going to be hard on them when we start school next week. Although, I told them I will allow outside playtime after each subject for about 15 minutes. They seemed to like that idea. And since September looks to be full of glorious warm weather, I think we can even venture outside for school!

   one of the loooong driveways. We have one on each side of the house.

The zip line is super fun. Ethan is the best at it, Rachel tries to avoid it {though we've caught her trying it a few times when she thinks no one is looking} and Kara does a great job on it, but needs help to get going. She'll come in the house and say "Hey Mommy... what do you call it again?" and because I know exactly what she's talking about, I say "you mean the zip line?" she smiles, "yes! will you hold the rope and pull me on it?"
The pool looks amazing, but we haven't broken it in yet. The kids don't want to go in unless Jason and I are in it {good rule} and neither one of us have had the hankering to go swimming. I think we'll break it in this weekend though, as temps are supposed to be higher.

Getting used to the sounds in the "country" have been different, but fun. We hear the rooster crow every morning. Thankfully he lives pretty far up the hill, so to us, its a pleasant, faint sound.
We hear the neighbors horses gallop and neigh and make all the noises that horses make. Kara always tells me they're calling her :)
We walk over and feed them apples and visit them. So far Ethan and I are the only brave ones to feed them. The girls watch in awe and tell us how proud they are of our bravery.

this is our home. 

Right now Jason is mowing the front lawn and the kids are screaming with delight. Its funny to me what thrills them. He had horrible allergies in California and never could do our yard work and the two homes we've rented here have had yard service at them. Now we live on an acre of land and its our responsibility to keep the yards up. It would figure ;-)
We have a few painting projects to do, putting up some crown molding in the girl's bedroom and then we want to paint and "remodel" the play house before the weather gets all wintery on us.

I've been reading a lot more and can't figure out why. Maybe the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, I don't know. I've never been a major reader, but lately I finish one book, before anyone even notices I'm reading it.
Kristin Hannah novels have become a favorite "fun read" of mine. I love the way she writes and her books are usually pretty deep for fiction. I'm very picky when it comes to fiction, so I was surprised when I loved hers so much. John Grisham and Tom Clancy are the only other fiction books I've ever enjoyed.
Kristin Hannah's Winter Garden is amazing! I really hope they decided to turn it into a movie. I know who I'd pick to play all the roles too.
I'm reading Jerry Bridges The Gospel in Real Life  which has so far been very encouraging and convicting. I love Jerry Bridges.
For child raising type books I'm reading How to Behave So Your Children Will, too! I'm reading it for the second time and amazed at how much it feels like the first time all over again. Child raising books seem to be that way for me, because our kids change SO much! I really, really love this book and how simple and yet how helpful it is. My friend Gina gave it to me and its been one of the most helpful gifts I've ever received.
I highly recommend it.

these big bushes line the row of our driveways. I love them. 

So we've enjoyed our first week here and we're settling in quite well. Looking forward to our big BBQ on Monday {expecting about 40+ people} and then Jason's old coworker from California and his girlfriend will be up here visiting next week.
Its been a tiring week on the parenting front. I feel like I'm praying more each day for grace and patience than I ever have before. Dealing with some new issues and bad attitudes. Nothing God can't handle ;-)
Mom, you'll be happy to know, I finally put water in the bird bath :) 

my favorite spot on the front porch. 

I hope you've all had a great week 
and enjoy this LONG weekend! 

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Nini said...

It looks so lovely Stef! I completely understand the blogging/picture lull. I was in one myself not too long ago. Hang in there, you will snap out of it...

A fantastic book is The Help. It is all the rage now that the movie is out. I read the book a while back and it was one of the best I have read in quite some time. SO GOOD! And the movie is fabulous too! If you haven't read it yet, Water for Elephants is another great read (haven't seen the movie).

Stef said...

I saw The Help with my Mom when she was here and we loved it! I've never read the book, but she read it and said the same thing you did :)

I'm most eager to see The Debt

Erin said...

I am so glad for you guys in your new place. Hooray!! It looks awesome!
Holy moly... we are having a tough parenting week, too. We had to put a ban on going in public for the time being. (not counting church) the ignoring instruction program got darn right dangerous, when I tried to go to the store. Ah!

Emily said...

Thanks for posting photos! I know from growing up in the country just how wonderful it is. Your kids are going to love it! Take some time to learn what kind of birds live in your neighborhood, and see if you can teach the kids to identify them by their call. My mom did that with us when we moved to the farm when I was 7, and it has stuck. Each time we've moved, I have learned the different birds. =) Love you!

Stef said...

Ah, Erin! I will pray for you this week as well. Oddly, our kids do better in public than they do at home. My guess is, I'm more attentive in public and "on them" better. We get complimented SO often and it takes all of me not to say "oh, you should see them at home." But I don't want to be completely rude or discouraging to the kids when we're with others.
For us its just one been one child in particular, arguing, complaining, and refusing to hear the word no spoken.
So difficult :(

Stef said...

Em, good idea! I will do that.

Melissa Joy said...

I love the pictures and hearing about your new place! Can't wait to see the inside too, once things have settled a bit for you. :) We love having a bit grassy area to mow... okay, so I've never personally touched the mower... but I love watching the hubby do it, esp when the boy follows along beside him pushing his little toy-mower! Good bonding time for them, while I watch from the porch or something. ;)
God bless you, friend!

Shane Eckert said...

Cute Pix Stef! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new home! Beautiful space!


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