Luke 22:1-23

Today's sermon was amazing. It was a little treat, placed in my hand, from God. I love those.
If I could sum up what God has taught me this year into one sermon, this one is it.
I was so blessed by Pastor Dave's words and so blessed by the testimony of God's grace that he is living out.

2011 has been a year of personal and more importantly, Spiritual growth for me. Through the short life of our little 12 week old son, God has taught me so much about who He is and who I am. And while there's plenty more growth to come {I'm a work in progress}, I love that God often uses our trials and greif to point us to His greater plan. And the point made in this sermon is, its GOD'S plan, not mine.
Which is why through this hard year of one thing after another not going according to our plans, God has restored joy and even contentment through it all, because He's shown me {again} what it means to fully trust Him with my life. My everyday life, not just the huge decisions or monumental moments.

This sermon won't just impact people who have been or are suffering, but I think its especially meant for you, if that's what your situation is. It will affect the way you view communion; it sure did for me. Why do I make everything about me? Even when it comes to communion... why do I do that?! Such a great reminder to remember what communion means to God. How He views it and how He wants us to see Him through it.

I couldn't stop crying during this sermon and it was for many reasons {a couple of them will be obvious to you if you listen/watch} but one main reason was just being reminded about how GOOD God is for teaching me so much about His plan and His glory, even through very dark times in my life. I have hope because I hope in Jesus and cling to His promises.
I can't help but praise Him through it, knowing He hasn't forgotten. He doesn't look away. I am His child, created in His image. If He cares for the lilies of the field, how much more will He care for me?!

Please take the 50 minutes of time and watch this. You will not regret it and you do have time. 
I've linked to it three times in this post, so there's no excuse ;-)

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