Pinter-posting again

I'm learning to like Pinterest more and more. Since finding out you can get actual recipes and tutorials on there... I'm a fan. Still not in that on-there-everyday-can't-get-enough-pinterest-is-my-home-page way, but I do like it more than I did.
As September comes to and end {where did September go?!} and we welcome one of my most favorite months in the whole year... enjoy.

Ally, I thought of you when I saw this coffee :) 

I love this idea! 

these only have four ingredients and are gluten free. 

loving this outfit. Especially the coat. 

someday I'll be stylish enough to wear this :) 

I was all excited when I saw this desk! 
until I realized its $599 :( 

Jason and I are going to build this! 
We moved to a home that has a laundry closet, 
but no laundry "room" and so this will come in 
very handy! 


this is the idea I have for the girl's room. 
They have a small dresser filled with doll clothes and 
the drawers can't open because of the their closet doors. 
Plus, I hate mirrored closet doors, so any excuse to get 
rid of them! :) 

4 {comments}:

Nicola S. said...

Love the closet! And the pumpkins to cute.

Justin Dean said...

Try foodily.com - its like pinterest but just for food recipes.

Jessica said...

Yay for fun projects to look forward too!! Again, you have to carry on the DIY for me, k?! Heavens knows when I'll have time for it again. ;)

p.s. love the outfits-- you could TOTALLY pull them off!!

Tara said...

LOVE the outfits!!

i love pinterest for all the creative ideas my lazy brain cant think of myself! i cant believe all the stuff on there that i just love but would have never thought of!!


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