trying this again...

My friend does something every week she calls Monday Musings and I love reading hers. Actually, if she doesn't get around to posting them until late Monday night, I eagerly await the post coming up.
I tried to do something like this last year and fell off the map, but I'm back to try at it again :)

What I'm thinking: how nice it was having such a warm sunny day, followed by a cool night. 

What I'm reading: I'm in the book of Hebrews and Psalms these days. Added to that is Instructing a Child's Heart and Zvi.

What I'm listening to: the kids are happily playing play dough and are all singing or humming songs. Ethan is singing Come Thou Fount, Rachel is humming Amazing Grace and then Kara is singing Price Tag, by Jessie J. She heard it in Target today and apparently memorizes things very well

What we're learning: Last week we learned how pretzels are made and we also learned all about a caterpillars transformation into a butterfly. We're anxiously awaiting our kit so we can actually SEE this in action. 

What I'm watching: Wheel of Fortune. Just like your Grandma, right? I love this show. 

What's cooking: The kids had meat balls with mashed potatoes and gravy and I made myself a breakfast burrito. Monday is Jason's volley ball night, so its a mish-mash of food on Mondays :) 

What I'm buying: school books and school supplies! its that wonderful time of year again. Today we bought some fall decor and had fun getting the house all ready. 

What I'm thankful for: my husband and God, for blessing me with my husband. 

What I'm creating: I'm planning to take the girl's mirrored closet doors off their closet and put curtains in its place. Very excited about that transformation. 

What I'm praying: For our Pastors, for the completion of our new church building, for some unsaved friends and for my Mom's extended family, who lost a loved one this week. 

What I'm planning: We have several field trips coming up and I'm also getting ready for next month's kids book club - I host it once a month and for October I'm doing an actual theme with a craft. Looking forward to it! 

What we did this last weekend: Nothing much. We stayed home, rested and enjoyed each other's company. It was quite nice. 

What I'm looking forward to: the kids start AWANA this week and we're all very excited about it! 

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Charlotte said...

Loved this, Stef.

I have never heard of Zvi....I'll have to google it. And it sounds like you are embracing the learning of homeschooling! And if we could find a place to store our closet doors I would take the kids ones off too...

Thanks for a peek into your week!

jillyco said...

Love the singing post "what I'm listening to..." I remember when my kids were younger, and I used to just stop and "listen" every once in a while. I'd hear them talking, or making noises playing and realize that life is short and those times will be gone before I know it.

Thanks for sharing, Stef!

Stef said...

Charlotte, Zvi is a book my Mom read to us MANY years ago and I was telling a friend about what a huge impression its left on me all these years, so I went to the bookshelf last week and started reading. Its going to impact me just as much now as it did before :)

Highly recommend it for your kid's ages. Will open up some great conversations too!
But fair warning: you WILL cry.

Charlotte said...

I just looked it up last night and read a short review. It looks like a great book! I really want to read it now, but part of me is tempted to wait until next year when we get up to that point in history in school....


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